Özcan Akyol: “I take on for the people who have me threaten’

Özcan Akyol still has to deal with threats from different corners. According to the author, columnist and broadcaster takes the intensity of it.

“The threats are more violent. I also have more to do with the police and the criminal investigation department, who gave me support,” he says in conversation with

“At the police station are ready-made forms to report. I then go one afternoon to the office and then do ten times declaration, otherwise it is too time consuming.”


In the car with Eus: ‘White journalists on piemels kicked program

‘A week-long blind hatred’

The beginning of February was the former PVV Mp Joram van Klaveren was a guest in De wereld Draait door to discuss his conversion to islam to talk. Akyol was also a guest in the program and conducted a discussion with him.

After the conscious broadcast was ‘Fashionable’, which is already a critical column on the transition of the former right-populist had dedicated, with very strong reactions. Especially from the extreme right-wing Turkish corner, ” he says.

“I’ve been through a lot, but afterwards I received a week long just blind hatred. What happened then, was a novelty. They sent pictures of my children and said, ‘they kill’, or: ‘I hope that you painfully and slowly see it die’.”

‘Joram van Klaveren is their trophy boy

Van Klaveren was for ten years president of the PVV and muslims according to Akyol ridiculed and stigmatised. “As a member of parliament, he has apparently not looked into the matter. Now all of a sudden he has that done and he comes to the conclusion that he is a muslim.”

“Highly educated Turks, who also are conservative, that is not. But in the layer beneath there is a problematic Of Clubs as a kind of trophy boy. Who do not understand that I actually made it before them now,” says Akyol.

“Boys, this man has you all the time black made and your beliefs are criminalized. Would you tell him first what critical questions need to ask?”

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