Oxfam and Burberry put shoulders under sustainable Afghan cashmere

Farmers in the north of Afghanistan get advice to the process of production for cashmere to be sustainable. Oxfam is developing a program in several villages in the region and goes out to sea with the British luxury brand Burberry, the wool will shrink.

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Oxfam is working on this project with the Burberry Foundation, and the French Pur Projet, a social partner, which specializes in the development of projects with a positive impact on local populations.

For the kasjmierproject be Afghan geitenboeren trained in the production of cashmere as much as possible to take account of the environment. The intent is to get thousands of farmers to reach.


The five year program will ‘dorpscoöperaties’ to establish where the holders of kashmir “cashmere” goats alternative herderstechnieken get taught that desertification due overgrazing should be prevented. Also, the farmers are trained to the welfare of their animals to improve.


The intention is to desertification due overgrazing, to prevent

The goal is for the program to get women involved in the training and management of the cooperatives so as to have more gender equality to create and the extreme poverty in the region to fight.

The three organisations will work in areas in Afghanistan by the British ministry of Foreign Affairs are discouraged.

Kashmir “cashmere” goats © iStock


Afghanistan is the third largest producer of cashmere after Mongolia and China.

“There is a huge potential for Afghanistan in the kasjmierindustrie”, says Leanne Wood of the Burberry Foundation. “We believe that our program will contribute to a profitable and sustainable industry for thousands of people in these local communities.”

Afghanistan is the third largest producer of cashmere after Mongolia and China, accounting for an export of a thousand tons of this fine wolsoort, or 7 percent of global production.

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