Own program learned to Chose from Plateringen to let go of control

Chose from Plateringen (44) is known from News, but from Tuesday, he presents the SBS show The Day of your Life, the first of its own program. The presenter came during the creation discovers that he is pulling the strings like in your hands.

“A big dream”, tells Of Plateringen to about his new program. “I can here everything in it and what I’ve learned.”

In 1998, he ran his first internship at the tv. He Later went on News work, where he more and more came into the picture. “On The Day of your Life, I am at all concerned: the whole package of designing and preparing, assembling, promotion, I even have job interviews lined. Along with, of course, a whole team of people around me.”

This experienced Of Plateringen some bumps on the road. “Because I am a huge control freak. I want to do everything themselves, but thanks to this program I have learned to trust the choices of people around me, and that you are not able to decide yourself. That was very educational.”

‘Discovered another side of Jan Smit’

In The Day of your Life goes From Plateringen known in Dutch as Hans Klok, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Tino, Martin and john Smith, to the areas which for them have been decisive for their success and life. Here are the CELEBRITIES also surprised with messages from people who have been involved in important moments.

“The great thing about this program is that you behind the story of someone and find out why someone has become. Even with people I regularly talk to, such as john Smith, I do have a other side to know. Jan, I discovered, for example, the things that he in his youth encountered.”

As long as Of Plateringen can remember, he would already have a show like this. “I always looked at the TV-Show of Ivo Niehe, in which people are interviewed to find out who they are. I also speak a lot of people for News, but I ran up against a frustration: you have a nice conversation with people, and then the ingeknipt to an item of two minutes. There is so much beauty, while the run-up of an emotional quote perhaps more beautiful than the quote itself.”

‘Beautiful as the mask disappears’

The presenter was its News experience to good use in his own program. “I’ve learned that interviewing is mostly about listening and not about fun questions. If you hear anyone, there is a conversation.”

The News-face to say a big interest in people. “I notice that they rapidly become familiar and at ease with me. CELEBRITIES are of course trained in order for the camera to appear, so it’s great when the mask disappears, and you have a moment of emotion see, whether that be joy, surprise, or a tear.”

Of Plateringen hopes that his own program, the viewers can be entertained. “I feel responsible for the viewers. My dream is that I can do this, but that is for the viewers not interesting, who want to have a fun hour. The only thing I can do is my best, and with the team to ensure that it is a great program.”

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