‘Own intuition is difficult to estimate’

‘Own intuition is difficult to estimate’

People find it hard to estimate how good their intuition is. Although people often say that they find it difficult to carry out a task without instructions, it seems that is not always the case.

The university of Kent, asked four hundred participants to complete a questionnaire about how they perform tasks. So had the participants answer how they used their own intuition to estimate.

In the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, write the researchers that they then the participants a number of tests done, where they have tasks to carry out without advance explanation had been given.

People who consider themselves in the questionnaires was described as ‘non-intuitive’ turned out to be the tasks are often just as easy to perform as well as people who themselves have intuitively called.

The researchers emphasize that this test does not refer to people who intuitively have to respond in their field, but that the results are only translatable to individuals in a non-work-related environment, something new to do.

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