‘Overweight teenagers partly explained by a lower combustion’

‘Overweight teenagers partly explained by a lower combustion’

The increase of young people with obesity can partly be explained by the fact that they hit puberty relatively little to burn calories.

That concludes professor Terence Wilkin from the Exeter University after examination. The research team analyzed between 2000 and 2012 of almost 350 English schoolchildren.

Of the boys and girls, in the age of five to sixteen, it was every six months a blood sample taken. Also was more their metabolism, level of physical activity and body composition are maintained.

Less move

It turned out that fifteen-year-olds in rest of 400 to 500 less calories consume than children of ten years old. At the age of sixteen takes the combustion, however.

Also the fact that teenagers during puberty, less movement, contributes to the obesity. Especially the level of motion of girls increases significantly: about one-third between the ages of seven and sixteen.

The findings are an explanation for the large increase of obesity in teens. “Obesity in children and the common diabetes form one of the largest health problems. Our results explain why teens arrive during puberty. This information can help in combating this problem,” said Wilkin.

Enough food

“Why teenagers are suddenly considerably less calories to burn, we can not with certainty determine, but may derive from the evolutionary property that the calories are ‘kept’ for the growth that occurs during puberty. Now young people in the western enough food at hand, culminates in obesity.”

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