Over 700 notifications about vergiftingen by dietary supplement

Over 700 notifications about vergiftingen by dietary supplement

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Nutritional supplements, for example, more energy or a slimmer line, are not always healthy and sometimes even prohibited substances. In addition, the information on the labels is not always correct.

This is in the annual review about 2016, of the National Poisons Information Centre (NVIC).

The most risky sports and weight-loss aids, says the centre. “This are often illegal substances found that serious health problems can give.”

Remedies prior to the exercise should be taken, strong effort “in some cases, lead to life-threatening situations.”

A third of the notifications concerned cases in which young children use an inappropriate supplement had taken, such as melatonin.

The NVIC received last year a small five hundred notifications about calming supplements and also, for example, 64 on people that oil from the hemp plant had taken. There was nausea, drowsiness, dizziness, confusion, rapid heartbeat, and hallucination specified as a result. In total, there were 740 reports within the centre.


Earlier this year warned the NVWA for libidoverhogers and weight loss pills. Hazardous substances such as sildenafil, sibutramine and amphetamine-like substances such as synephrine and caffeine were more than 60 percent of the supplements that the authority investigated.

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