Over 65’s are moving more in green environment

Over 65’s are moving more in green environment

Seniors who are in a green and well maintained neighborhood with amenities just around the corner, moving more than their peers who are not in such a neighbourhood.

10 percent of the elderly people are physically vulnerable because they move little. By a lack of movement take their fitness, speed and strength. A green, well-maintained neighbourhood seems that according to researchers has a positive impact. Also facilities such as shops, a post box and bus stop ensure that people over 65 exercise more, according to a research of the Erasmus MC, in which Astrid Kick-Etman promoted.

Through more walking and cycling, they have less burden of functional limitations in daily life. They can be more self-employed doing the shopping, cooking and travelling by public transport. “For as long as possible, independently to be able to continue to live, and early care to avoid, it is important to know which factors in a positive way can contribute to the health of the elderly”, says phd student Astrid Kick-Etman.

The research uses data from the Survey on Health Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE), and 430 living at home over 65s from Spijkenisse who participated in the Elderly and their Neighborhood (ELANE) study from 2011 to 2013. The results are based on the basis of questionnaires and buurtobservaties ranging from 400 to 1,600 metres in the near environment of these seniors.


Kick-Etman: “Elderly people who are in such a beweegvriendelijke live close by, of exercise per day, almost a quarter more than older people who are in a less green and beweegvriendelijke environment to live in. That is a significant difference, because more than half of the Dutch frail elderly moves less than three times per month at a low intensity, that is, for example, walking or gardening. While the Dutch Standard Healthy Movement for the over-55s at least five days per week a half hour of moderately intense move requires.”

There are many different programs to get people to exercise more. Almost one in ten people that are reached, going to participate in, and remains 80 percent participate. “Conclusion is that people who once started to move, very loyal, these are to maintain. This can be for municipalities important information, before they present such programs to start,” said Kick-Etman.

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