Outrage from gun lawyers after YouTube blocks videos on firearms assembly, sales

Youtube has announced that it will now be the implementation of restrictions on videos that are fitted with firearms and accessories.

YouTube has announced that it now will be the implementation of the restrictions on certain videos, which are equipped with firearms and accessories, sparking opposition from Second Amendment advocates.

YouTube has recently updated the company’s “policy on content with firearms and to prohibit “a video of the plan to the “selling firearms or certain firearm accessories, either directly or via links to sites that do.

According to the website, the prohibited accessories “, but may not be limited to the” bump stocks, Gatling triggers, drop-in auto sears, conversion kits, or any material that can “enable a firearm to simulate automatic fire, or convert a firearm to automatic fire.”

It is also mentioned that the content of the plan in order to promote the sale of high-capacity magazines will no longer be permitted.

In addition to these types of videos, YouTube will ban any video that “contains instructions for the production of” the previously mentioned firearms and accessories. Videos to explain how to install the accessories or gun changes also be prohibited.

Advocates for gun rights beat the media giant’s attempt to restrict content.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation, which has more than 200,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, said the new policy ” provides reason to care.”

In a statement on its website, NSSF said that move is “especially alarming,” because it has the potential for blocking of educational content that serves an instructional and competency development the purpose.”

The statement went on to say that such restrictions are “an infringement on the Second Amendment,” and stifle “the commercial freedom of speech,” protected by the Constitution.


Another popular channel, Spikes Tactical, said in an Instagram post Tuesday that she had her account suspended for “repeated or severe violations of community guidelines.

The notice of suspension was posted with the caption: “the Liberal Left will slowly chip away at our freedoms, and the hollowing out of our rights, and the first step is to squelch our voice.”

Spikes Tactical has a following of more than 200,000 on Instagram.

A statement from a spokesperson for YouTube said the company “routinely makes updates and adjustments for all policies, Bloomberg reported.

“While we have long prohibited the sale of firearms, we have recently reported the makers of the updates that we make around content of promoting the sale or manufacture of firearms and their accessories.”

The call for more restrictions comes just days before the March For Our Lives rally, which was organized by the survivors of the Park where the massacre of 17 students were killed after an alleged 19-year-old gunman opened fire.

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