Our Man in Russia: ‘The hour of the Big Rom

The decisive phase of the world cup is in sight. Money-Time. That must be the American in Romelu Lukaku wake up, says our reporter in Russia Peter T’Kint. ‘Time to the scoremachine again.’

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The 23rd day in Russia. Is there a time cut. Yesterday in the van after the training, the variety of the night, starting to take their toll. We leave tomorrow to Kazan, the Red Devils this afternoon – after a ball but in Dedovsk (in that way, you create at the tactical level, no sleeping dogs awake) – but a number of colleagues had been night flying. We thought that this ongoing cost was for Russia, that airports here 24/7 to run, it is clear that only during this tournament. Once, when the curtain falls, is also this past. Can residents go back to sleep, and that night air is quiet again.

On day 23 is there a time cut. Which? The breakfast. That is indeed the same every day. A Dutchman, he complained that the yogurt is. A Belgian cuts: all days the same. We view the viermetertafel with very diverse offering even more precise: everything you can think of. Indeed, every day the same suitable. Could that be the reason? Okay, in Brazil it was fruitaanbod pot there, but there is now once more in the tropics than in Russia. For the rest, we ask ourselves what there is at home than on the table after the short night’s sleep. For even more variety? Anyway, we will be but on the account of fatigue of writing.

The Devils will fly soon to Kazan, in their track what supporters. That takes effort, but where there’s a will there’s a way. If necessary, literally, via Moscow and then on to the track, a small 850-mile drive. In the direction of Kazan, the Tatars, at the confluence of the Volga and Kazanka, with a population of over 1 million inhabitants, of which half are younger than 30. We hear only positive messages about this border town between Europe and Asia. Rich cultural life, a city, a university town with a beautiful mosque. Any tendency to fight for independence, the Tatars are not strange. Fascinating. It seems to us not so difficult to be there Friday a day to wander around.

Sporty to have the great countries in the stadium of Rubin already a lot of misery polite: France hit but with a lot of hang and strangle over Australia (and then on the counter over Argentina), Spain rooting over Iran. Germany was here out of his misery by South Korea , and Messi took it with Argentina, bid farewell to this tournament. It Is soon the turn of Neymar and Brazil?

Rely the Belgians on Big Rom. The motivator advance, in the rondo just before the kick-off. The American in the Belgian company, ready for a little pep talk on his American. In Romelu is a bit of a preacher. At the age of 25 to 72 international matches and 40 goals. It is his time to shine more.

Also this was yesterday, what of complaining. The best striker of all times by the Belgians only, but scores in the smaller races. We have the statistics reviewed. They are correct, but only for a piece. He scored under Martínez is not against Portugal, but played only 45 minutes. He scored not against Spain, but he is only 23 minutes in that first match of the Spanish Brit. In the Netherlands he played only 26 minutes against Russia but 13, in France only 31 minutes.

Thus, it is difficult, of course. Brazil can do that in one fell swoop all make good and are last critics about the bridge pick up.

Then it will stop grumbling about the quality of this final stage, in which the stars seem to be inferior to the collective, and countries such as Russia, Sweden and even England without shine more to the next round of clutches. Then we can have a last Belgian week of knitting this tournament. St. Petersburg is also not bad, we hear. You can even take the train to. It’s something else!

Football world cup 2018 in Russia

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