Our Man in Russia: ‘The flow? That would be, I can’t overestimate’

Through our Facebook page you could ask Peter T’Kint, Our Man in Russia, for the world cup duel against England. Here you can read the answers.

Hazard, Lukaku and Mertens © Belga Image

Would it not be opportune to come against England, with four defenders to play? For ourselves in the first place, but also to the criticism to counter that we only have one system to control? It would be a good exercise… (Emmanuel Delmeulle)

Peter T’Kint: “I think it’s very would be unwise to abandon a style of play that the Red Devils for two years successful. Depending on the conditions, you can feel free to make adjustments in losing the ball – that also happened after the break at Panama – but start you must always do it from your philosophy. So is it also in the head of Roberto Martínez. Thereof, now get off, can only cause confusion among the players.’

What is striking – and all of it was repeatedly cited in the comments and responses around the Belgian team, is the fact that it is so quiet. There are no polemics or riots. This Is also not partly due to the fact that Nainggolan has not been selected? Suppose that in the meantime, al was spotted with a cigarette or a pint, it would be so quiet not. Right? (Cédric Demets)

Peter T’Kint: Radja Nainggolan was there two years ago, and even then it was quiet. I think that he is not responsible, should be held. I hope that he still a little can enjoy this tournament, if the athlete in him or bales, but that the atmosphere is calm and quiet, just has to do with the approach of the current coach and with the adult nature of this group. Which is focused, from the science that this is a good opportunity, and perhaps the last.’

You will find that the current system is sufficient defensive safeguards against stronger opponents, or would it be better for another system to choose? (Tim Vermeulen)

Peter T’Kint: ‘That will have to be demonstrated, but on the other hand, as you see in the magazine this week, read: a system with four defenders and in the past had also its shortcomings. And like Jan Vertonghen, said this week at his press conference: you can in a 3-4-2-1 also block lower and verdedigender. It all depends on the opponent. So far didn’t have.’

Almost all the journalists and voetbalanalisten find that Belgium has to play against England to win for the good flow to keep. Logically, I would say. But how to reconcile them with their statements that Martínez, the light injuries, Hazard, Lukaku and Mertens, will need a rest and the three players who are one yellow card behind their name also? That is more than half a team. Think of these experts, that this half-reserveploeg against England can win? And what with the good flow if this team logically lose? (Gabriel Daniels)

Peter T’Kint: “The opinions about this are from each other. The debate is difficult, as we were on Tuesday at France-Denmark and as a neutral spectator you feel cheated. On the other hand: the peculiar of the last to play, is that you have a little you draw can orientate. Actually, it would fairder as in this phase all reekswinnaars in one pot and all the school years known as seconde in another and tonight is drawn. Then you can say that this is unfair, due to little preparation time for the eighth finals opponent scouting – they start the day after tomorrow – but if you connect this kind of rekentoestanden. Now is there such a thing as tornooimanagement, and you can Brazil try to avoid. Against all fair play, that also we admit. Yellow cards are deleted after the first round would also help.”

‘Or that experts think that we will have a half a team can win, I don’t believe that. The question is: do we want to win? We want to travel, and Brazil meet in the quarter finals, or do we want to rest in the outskirts of Moscow, and Brazil meet in the final? And flow, alas, the basisploeg playing for two years together, that flow, I would also not overestimate. It is not that the team was only recently fixed shape, as in other countries. The Belgians know each other by and by.’

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