Our Man in Russia: “Sometimes you need clichés confirm’

Impressions from Moscow, our reporter on the spot, Peter T’Kint.

Mercedes-Benz for the door of the Ritz Carlton in Moscow © Belga Image

Yesterday a day of working in the heart of the city. in the Morning, a chic event in the city centre of Moscow, within walking distance of the Red Square. The lobby of the Ritz Carlon. The interviewer was pleasant, the decor even more. The chairman of Lyon, Jean-Michel Aulas walked past, flanked by a handsome assistant. Davor Suker was there and who within and outside walked, you could ask for a modellencampagne for one or another premium brand. Already showed not everyone is equally useful on high heels, we had to find…

For the door was Mercedes what place claimed to be his most beautiful pieces to show. What concerns us is the following commercial vehicles are already fixed. Now the bosses convince. However, also this striking conclusion: not everyone that during the few hours through the lobby defileerde, was as tastefully dressed..

The Heart Of Moscow. In december we were there for the first time, for the draw. It snowed that day, and then melted directly, because it’s really cold, it was not. People were in a hurry thick clothes. And everywhere, splashing ice water, the fault of taxis and buses. A little dirt felt it all. Dirty and slippery, which was not removed.

Is very different now. Everywhere happy people, enjoying the sun, the atmosphere, scantily clad, broadly smiling. Yesterday a little difficult to reach in the afternoon, because the square in front of the Kremlin, was cordoned off. Putin came along to lay flowers in honour of the start of world WAR ii. For the Russians that began on 22 June 1941. That day Hitler’s operation Barbarossa, the end of the hopeless pact between nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. Now it is every year commemorated.

In the afternoon we were guests at the Belgian embassy. Or rather, in the residence of the ambassador, about one and a half years in this country. For the kind and gentle man, a Also, it is his first job abroad. It is to get used to a language, a different culture, but you can see that the man enjoys. In the garden, walking his dog. Can go around 500 guests on several large screens follow the game. At the same time, he networks. 500 is also the number of Belgians that here in Moscow lives.

The catering serves Jupiler. And Duvel. And four Liège, student-chefs will soon Liège waffles present. And French fries. Sometimes you need cliche’s to confirm.

A White Russian is also a guest at a reception for the vips and sponsors that will be flown from Brussels and vastrijden in traffic. They will be one and a half hours late. It is about the happiness that we have here with the weather. “Normally, the sun is shining here but a day or thirty.’ And what she also noticed: everyone in Russia is so rushed. It costs her time, if she goes back to her village, to again kick the habit of that rush.

We have a different feeling, we say to her. Russians always seem to be at ease. They are watching with strange eyes.

in the Evening dinner on a boat on the Moskva is situated. Sometimes, it may be a little bit more. Unfortunately the account.

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