Our man in Russia: ‘for those Who wonder why Real Madrid are invariably far hits in Europe, this was the world CHAMPIONSHIPS the answer

Peter t’Kint, hard look at the performance of Germany against Sweden, and that of Toni Duckweed in particular.


Yesterday we had a bit of that studentengevoel of yesteryear. In our case, the late seventies, early eighties, when there were – fortunately for us – much less countries allowed to participate (16 in 1978, 24 in 1982 and ’86) and it is therefore all the more easier to combine, exams at the secondary school and in Leuven, with matches look. You became more and more experienced, certainly in Leuven, belgium, in the plans of leeruren and competitions. Mexico brought even by the time difference had an unexpected advantage: if you pass the exam the day of a match of the Red Devils planned, could you at night as an extra gift without the guilt of what beers. With the schedule in the one hand, we were also on a Saturday morning our exam schedule on the boards full of to schedule.

If you are wondering why Real Madrid are invariably far hits in Europe, this world cup you will get the answer.

Yesterday we thought back to that period, when we actually had to work on texts for the leaf you Wednesday, you can buy, but at the same time with half an eye Germany-Sweden followed. And, gradually, less and less letters appeared on the screen. Derived. Fortunately, with the years the guilt less. Because actually it is watching football, work. Only going to the real than what slower forward.

Compared to then, there is another distraction: twitter. At a dead moment in the match that blew a picture of the family Zidane gone, somewhere on a boat in the south. Beautiful young people, all of them, and also a proud daddy. He fell just outside the picture.

Calculated when saved Toni Duckweed the nation. The timing could not be better.

If you are wondering why their Real Madrid every year, so scores highly in the European bekercompetities and a subscription to the finals, but the victory in the Champions League (4 times in the last 5 years), this world cup even prove to. The are all winners. Duckweed yesterday, in injury time, as your country oxygen (earned, for the Swedes were left, how brave they fought, for a long time not cool enough in possession of the ball): hat off. A bit à la Cristiano, in that fantastic opener between Spain and Portugal on match day 2. A few days ago, dunked Modric Argentina in national mourning (or not, football is there also a little bit of politics, and opponents of the regime to see a president that his country is not out of the crisis dragged get, I’d rather not show off with sporting success). Football in Argentina is like the land: gedesorganiseerd, without much vision. Looking forward to make a stand in France, Sergio Ramos, who as captain of the Spanish galleon along the way guided from the raging sea in which the back had been deposited and the waves calmed down… All toppers. Even Navas could show, though it could be Tico’s their stunt of Brazil 2014 (quarter finals) against Brazil Friday night not to repeat the process. Two times loss I address.

Zidane saw that it was good. Bale knew his country, this time not to post, and Benzema, well, that should still be at home watching. The famous sextape and extortion you know. Already brought a French journalist this week, however, this nuance: Didier Deschamps has been coach of France since 2012. For three years he called consistently Benzema, and often he left him also in the basic start. But not always had success. It took more than a year and eleven races for Benzema under Deschamps for the first time to score. And in his last thirteen native under the French coach, he scored in thirteen matches, but three times. Certainly, it was the sextape and the afpersingszaak that in 2015 put an end to his international career, but a sporty undisputed striker he was when not. No winner.

It is no coincidence that he and Bale at Real discussion… Curious to see if Lopetegui here the Belgians are going to follow.

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