Our man in Russia: ‘Enlargement world cup a good idea? No one is required to examine anything’

‘After Cristiano Ronaldo is the the next three days time to the other greats to show himself. Soon Messi, tomorrow, Neymar and Özil, and on Monday the Hazard’, writes Peter t’Kint from Russia.


It was -in advance – always a match to look forward to. Portugal and Spain, the cracker in group B in Sochi, where they are after Cristiano will also be able to Hazard. And next week, Saturday Germany, and -who knows – in the eighth finals may still be a time Ronaldo, and Iniesta versus the host country, Russia, should succeed in his group to win. Far from certain, but it can. Innocent as we are, we think that the star the Russian president is very, very good sat, at the draw in early december. There are various breeds will march past be regulated very, very, very beautiful people on this beautiful boulevard, a 4 kilometer long, made of yellow stone and brown asphalt, where during the Winter games, residents of the city and visitors to each other, and watch the beat from a distance. One of these hours, we will go also take a look at how it is now. Probably not much else. Allegedly ends the wide trail abruptly in a high wall. Behind a fence, a no-man’s land and still a second fence. And then a miles-long safety zone that deep runs in Abkhazia. Landscape reserved for the Russian military. What they do there, only know their commanders.

Earlier in the afternoon concealed yesterday Mo Salah are tears. If he Tuesday is not able to Russia to outwit with his team, his world cup there may already be on. Shame ippon in the final of the Champions League. A few hours after him verbeet also Morocco have been disappointing. It apparently continues to be difficult for the North African countries to have something to show at the world cup. Egypt is still there, but for the third time when _ for the first time since 1990 _ and won none of his five matches. The Sphinx, for the purpose of parking yielded nothing.

And for Morocco by Nabil Dirar and Mbark Boussoufa was a dark week. First, again, not enough votes to get host, and now also again not a profit. For Morocco, this is the first world cup since 1998. They won when a time. In ’86 they got out of the poules and then to fall against West Germany, but all in all, it remains to be lean. Maybe the next campaigns a bit better, as it is a great talent after the diaspora in the direction of Fortress Europe, can be recovered and into a single whole forged. The fast pace a little longer persist in the coming matches, the message. What they did, however, see something.

That Portugal-Spain in terms of level very far above what we already were to see, would rise, would be expected. The show is set. Who is the first week of July and want to advance to the next round, will be a high tempo should be able to handle and a lot of overtaking, have to absorb. The climate here in this country soon leaves football. During the day it’s lovely, not too hot, and in the evening it cools down significantly. Delicious voetbalweer, you need, such as in Brazil, your efforts not to dose, out of fear to be flat to fall in weather conditions with high humidity. About four years the weather is different, in that hot sandbox, even if we get a tournament with other unknown factor. No summer world cup, but a wintertornooi, from 21 november to 18 december. For the best halfway through a season, and not at the end. And for the fans earlier mulled wine and kerstfeer, voetbalbbq’s and beer. Unless you go to South America to divert.

The stars are clearly interested in. Already on Thursday the Russian Golovin, yesterday, Iniesta and Ronaldo, will hopefully Messi. For the last three, this is their last trick. Four years ago, in Brazil, they could still dream of a revenge, now not more.

Wednesday was FIFA not in on the question of the South American countries to the world cup of 2022 pull open to 48 teams. It would be their participants of a 5 (or 4, if the fifth country of the world if losses) to the six, jack, on a total number of ten countries is that a very high percentage. That is happening now until 2026. Then we see, in principle, always to New Zealand (unless Australia reverts to the preliminary rounds in Oceania), Asia 8 representatives (now 4 or 5 depending on the barrages), Africa 9, not now 5 and UEFA 16 participants, instead of the current 13. It is especially the rest of the world that more can be given access to the final phase.

Is that -okay, it is still early in the tournament – a good idea, given the difference in levels yesterday in the match? That discussion brought to Europe already in the enlargement of the european CHAMPIONSHIP. This resulted two years ago, very cheerful competitions, and what additional atmosphere in Albania, Slovakia and especially Iceland, that perhaps this afternoon for the first time, the party is on this tournament. Athletic has its advantages. Players can compete with the biggest, countries, exchange of data, fans discover countries, football players. The harm? Oh no. Nobody is obliged all to view. In our young days was football something exclusive, even the tournament on tv came, you looked in every game. Now is the consumerism. Netflix or the Amazon for sport. Art is there in the pearls to pick from, but it is a tv series. Good guides search. We support, Africa is underrepresented, and the enthusiastic Asia we give it.

FIFA does it-of course – to the revenue increase. And whose bread you eat… You just have to look at the list of sponsors of the wereldvoetbalbond look.. Or the boarding in the afternoon. The Chinese industry has the football been discovered.

At the cost of intensity? Oh. At the end will also in the future the same countries. It is only for viewers and broadcasters to puzzle, to schedules in each other to boxing. But… the more people, the more fun. That we saw in France.

Football world cup 2018 in Russia

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