Our man in Russia: ‘Curious to the arbitration in Nigeria-Argentina

Protects FIFA are heroes, asks Peter T’Kint.

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After a week in Moscow, it is time to broaden the horizon. In the direction of Kaliningrad on Thursday, the direction of Saint-Petersburg tonight. In between enjoy the France-Denmark soon and Brazil-Serbia tomorrow.

‘Is there a little’, asked the collector of tickets yesterday. It runs. A country will follow suit – in this Belgium – throws off the schedule by each other. Last week we had to log off for Poland-Senegal and Portugal-Morocco because just then the Belgians their mediamomenten had.

Yesterday, we walked this the third match of the Russians wrong. Luckily there was evening Portugal-Morocco and Iran-Spain. How René Vandereycken do it, two games at the same time to follow, we understand not. Us that does not work, not even with a glass of red wine (the gastcolumnist of The Newspaper is a notorious lover).

However, this was a beautiful moment: in the final stage was the Video Assistant Referees (VAR) at the same time the game on the cripple in both matches. Because the goal of Spain was approved and the Iranians are also to their advantage were, thus, the controversial VAR the tournament. Spain top of their group, and so the next opponent of Russia, Portugal place two and later against Uruguay. Ronaldo versus Suárez, already had the Portuguese that game is never allowed to play. Always in red. Protects FIFA are heroes?

Soon we can thanks to the ochtendschema of the Belgians to France-Denmark, in the beautiful Luzhniki, and tomorrow to Brazil-Serbia in the equally beautiful Spartakstadion, because the flight to the Russian enclave near Poland’s only Thursday morning.

And tonight, we are very curious about the arbitration in Nigeria-in Argentina, in Saint-Petersburg. The Argentines are here in large numbers, just as many South Americans. For them, not dislike of Russia, but a lot of enthusiasm. Scream their team to the qualification?

Saturday, we walked in the press room Sergio bump, someone who has for years been the Argentine team follows. On the question of how the suffering of his country had places, he gave us a tip: read your way through the final stage of the world cup U 20 in Canada in 2007.

We have done it. Piqué was there on behalf of Spain, but here, he is of that generation of young people only (others, of Spain, were already in the A-team). On behalf of Uruguay, Caceres, Cavani and Suarez in Canada. On Behalf Of Japan, Kagawa. Sergio: ‘With us is that a fourth of the team. Banega, Mercado, Aguero, Di Maria, Fazio, normal also Romero, if it weren’t for his injury. There is simply too little refreshed.’

But Argentina won that tournament, the talent of these men was great, and the Belgians, who he praised, but also a number of Pekingangers. Sergio shook his head: ‘You convinces me not.’

Second point, he said: how have you prepared? With practice matches. We are on vacation to Barcelona.

Yes, but we shed, Martínez has the players too much freedom given. “But you have international matches played. Against Portugal, Egypt, Costa Rica, teams that are present here and preparing. We had one match, against Haiti, just before departure from Buenos Aires. Then they moved to Barcelona, where we have no training cutting, unless the first fifteen minutes warming up, and not a single game played, to they here, Iceland party gifts. What do they have in those 17 days done? The players were arranged way, had not even come into the hotel to sleep. There was a friendly scheduled in Israel, but which has been abandoned due to political protest. There was a Franco Armani to be tested, the goalkeeper. That did not happen, and so it was Caballero in the goal. To what it led, we have all seen. In Barcelona I hurt Lanzini. That was an advantage to be from the right. He was in the selection is replaced by Perez, who a few weeks was on holiday. Who played against Croatia dramatically. In what physical condition was that?’

No, that Argentina is here, tomorrow in St.-Petersburg in a final must play to qualify for the next round, surprised him not. Three coaches in three years, as a preparation, all with the heels over the ditch in the last qualifier, against Ecuador, B, a team with all players from the own league… All the keys in the hands of lionel Messi give is not a solution. Here also not.

But, as he chuckled, in football everything is possible. So yes, I believe it is still in. If there’s one thing that we can is our plan to draw in chaos.

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