Our Man in Russia, answers the lezersvragen: ‘Also Mertens and Carrasco can the spell break’

Through our Facebook page you could ask Peter T’Kint, Our Man in Russia. Here you can read the answers.

Romelu Lukaku and Dries Mertens © Belga Image

How far will the Red Devils get? (Jonas Of Quakebeke)

Peter T’Kint: ‘they Themselves think the semi-finals, and a few are already sitting with the finale in their head. What day 1 of this tournament already learned, is that the difference in level at this time is not so great. Those who are less talent, combining that with a lot of enthusiasm and commitment.

“The past learns that something in the longer term, the competitions follow one after the other to an intense rhythm, but fails. Okay, there are a lot of data available, there are hardly secrets, but eventually drives talent or above. And in that sense the Belgians privileged.’

“Normally brings to a quarterfinals of a first large country on their path. The theory wanted to advance that Brazil or Germany would be. Two countries with a lot of experience in winning that kind of duels. The practice learned yesterday that even for them is not evident. Anything is possible, though there will be soon, what luck.”

‘Dreams may therefore, remain realistic. At the back is the rinse is very thin. This selection has talent and experience, but that is so with even more countries, and the talent is not equally distributed across the positions.’

Who of the team at Panama the most responsibility during the match? (Lieze De Vuyst)

Peter T’Kint: “Football at this level is a team sport, with shared responsibilities. But some guys expect that they can make a difference. The spelbepaler is undoubtedly Kevin De Bruyne. He is, as Roberto Martínez says, the playmaker, someone in the tempo, determine, detect when there is pressure that needs to be taken. But the role of Eden Hazard will certainly not be less. He can with a gear with holes.’

‘And it may be best that another the responsibilities. Such as Sergio Agüero did, when Lionel Messi was failing. Or Philippe Coutinho yesterday, because with Neymar what less went. So it may be that Dries Mertens , the spell breaks, or Yannick Carrasco.’

The Red Devils required to use a particular brand of shoes to play and there are players who sponsorverplichtingen which they are not able to follow? (Harry Himschoot)

Peter T’Kint: “No. The wearing of the clothing is still required, the choice of the footwear is free. That has always been true. Footwear is for a football player as an individual. Forcing them to this or that brand would be very annoying.’

‘Of course, earn the top there is a lot of money, and that not more to negotiate. But it is in the past, never tried. Players who make their own clothing, they should wear clothes in their free time, but not when they are with the delegation on the step.”

Also in the run-up to the other matches of the Red Devils, you can through our Facebook page to ask a question to Peter T’Kint.

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