Our man at the world cup: “if we now consider the coverage of Russia on its head?’

‘What does the daily confrontation with the Russian? That is a huge kindness and helpfulness, “says Peter T’Kint, our reporter in Russia.

Russian supporters in Sochi © Belga Image

Yesterday at a death moment – England-Tunisia was over and it took a while for them in the bar of our Apart Hotel is a late pizza in each other flansten – the piece elsewhere on this website read about the clichés that the media over the last few weeks used to create an image of Russia, to paint.

We pick a passage from: “it’s his program – and advertisers in their (stereo)typification of Russia not always as thoughtful as the previous WK’s. Under the guise of humor are the positive stereotypes fast for pronounced negative images. That says less about the current host country than about ourselves and in particular how we, today, Russia look.”

Probably has a lot to do with language and schriftbarrière, and with images from the South-European all-innhotels, where the Russians themselves are not always on their best side showed. Course participants that many Belgians to the movement, because it was like looking yesterday in Sochi to a Belgian. Panamanians on the other hand…

We are here now for a day or six in – that nuance must be a human – two cities that may or may not be representative of the Russia. Sochi is a jewel of the Russian Riviera, with a bustling nightlife along the seafront promenade. No public drunkenness, no violence. Moscow, the capital. In december you saw there is still poverty and beggars, not now. So there is what to beeldverfraaiing – if we are negative, we speak about beeldvervalsing – done, as we suspect, but good.

In Sochi we even saw how a neerdwarrelend leaf of a tree, no time was given to acquiesce in his fate. Immediately shot – we’ve had him for a tourist – held- a past strolling walker wakes up to the leaf to pick it up. Discreet in his hand he held a small vuilniszakje. Once there, started to watch, there was still that kind of service. Therefore, the streets here are very clean. And safe, also all patrols there discreet very many police.

That were there four years ago in Rio also, but differently: bright armed policia, along the beach of Copacabana in overvalwagens, and the garbage collectors is in orange fluo and with an old broom. Here is the different, which is more in the background.

What does the daily confrontation with the Russian? That is a huge kindness and helpfulness. Polite. One it also, one after the other. Who has a problem, everyone in his neighborhood helped. Cross a crosswalk and to good Belgian habit to stop the car and let you cross. Try that once in Paris. Or in Rio.

Just then, on the flight back from Sochi, we read in a booklet Aeroflot that about five percent of this immense country speaks English. But there they have what on found. Siri, you know, that little voice in your iPhone or any other tool. When a communication breakdown is the smartphone above met. Every Russian there, as with us, and there are translation programs enough to the tourist to help. We had a lot of writing – and communication problems are expected, such as in Japan, but nothing of that all. Not in the cities.

Throw away prejudices. You have here by the way none of the western familiariteit to miss. Ikea, Media Markt, McDonalds, Holiday Inn, Subway… The world becomes its specificity is lost. Also the Russian federation. Fortunately, there are still the beautiful churches.

Or is that also a cliché?

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