Others will stop: ‘Departure has more to do with ambition than a lack of it’

Jeroen Pauw on Friday evening, for the last time with his talk-show Anchor, which, for 2014, it was sent out. The 59-year-old presenter has yet to have a lot of plans for the future.

Did you have any other parting for the eyes.

“What are you talking about?”

It seems to be in the shadow of the departure of the other presenters.

“To be honest, I have, for the past week and a half in the shadow, is” who isn’t at all experienced. Rather, the spotlight there’s a lot of time for, as there is an incredible amount of attention was paid to the fact that I had to stop the program”

“The choice of a moment in time in which something stops, it took a little bit to do with it what you want to do it, and there wasn’t more to have. It’s not that I want to stop this program, because I don’t like it. I would like to make a couple of other things in my life to do. It had more to do with ambition than a lack of it.”

234Jeroen Others will stop by and talk show: well-publicized times

If you wanted to have the new plan all the way rondkrijgen before you stop, or do you have to do a lot of things to be worked out?

“Doing a little of both. It’s a small sentence, which I don’t normally use it, but someone said to me: ‘There needs to be some back door to close before another can open.’ I think that there are two doors at the same time, can be opened and closed. I’m a producer, of course, always depending on whether or not the program you are looking for is also made and sent out to be”

“The certainty is this will only be used when there is a few people that I have spoken to. However, if I was going to talk to them before I knew that I was going to stop the Others, then it would always be known. Therefore, I have announced that I’m quitting. I now have to take the time to think about what to do next.”

“A lot more than I do now, that is not the case”

Are you in the last few years to improve?

“Yes, yes, I think so, yes. That’s one of the reasons why I think That, I don’t mean to be arrogant. There’s no a lot of growth for me in this. For me, this was also a reason to think that it’s nice to have something else to do with it.”

“And now you’re going down, and as a part of the duo is still present, isn’t it?”

“Is not, per se, of course. I don’t understand is that it is still not very well defined by anyone else. No, I’m not the developer of the new program On 1. The program, which now comes under the responsibility of the NPO. It is produced by an editorial team that is a neutral should have been. This is the main reason why my company has been asked to editors provide. We were medeproducent of the Others, and that is used also for a home cooked apple pie and say good Morning to the Netherlands before, omroep WNL, there it was.”

“That editorial is driven by the NPO’s and NPO’s editor-in-chief. Furthermore, you color due to the different presenters for the various applications. In a proposal, which I have done, I have to say that I would like to have some events to do so. If this is so true. But I want to wait and see. It’s not that I’m soon to be drawn up, standing in pairs in a day.”

They are going to you are not on the table at the time of the rating, or the implementation of the programme to be poor?

“No, no, it would be boring if the presenter was like a sort of menacing dark cloud to be seen. I have that goal too. The mentorship is to me, but it will also have a bit to choose from. There are a few people that I can do it that way, and that’s what I do in a quiet way. As it is known, that is, it is because the other one is saying. It is resource-intensive and, in addition, I think its a better guide than the other one. If I’m in someone’s growth if it does not, in faith, I also would prefer not to.”

“If you, as a result yourself can do that, you can’t, then that’s the worst look you can give”

So, you’re not going to all the couples guide?

“Not at all. I do, however, have all the couples who have spoken to them and offered to check them out to see how it works out. Then, they can meet with the editors and get tips from my experiences that I have acquired over fourteen years of broadcasting, at that point in time. It’s not like I have all of these people-intensive, go to guide, I’d like to have a few broadcasts to go through with all that, there is a need for it.”

What mount do you see the most potential?

“You know, I have no answer to give. I’m not going to say this: Torque is A great location, close couple W I’m just wondering if they will save it.” There is a lot of people, though again, not by me. The broadcasters have their presenters themselves, with the belief that they will do it right. It couldn’t be a mixed couple, the individuals in the different a couple had to be from the same organization.”

“I had the idea to get people to opt in, based on their abilities, rather than on the basis of the page where they are included. But hey, that’s not the way things are going, and that’s not to say that there is now a talentloze people to her. But we’ll have to see how the couples will be covered.”

What is the first thing you are asked in order to find out if anyone has the program to handle?

“”Do you want it?” I can’t name names, but there are a lot of people who have lumps and have to respond to your requests. If you, as a result yourself can do that, you can’t, then that’s the worst look you can give. “I’ll be right here, but I don’t really know for sure whether or not I can do it.’ You have to at least believe that you can do it, and who have the ambition to express. I will have to see if I have the couples go to talk, and how they relate to each other. Are you confident that you have each other, and the ball goes?”

“Can you ask the other person to score a goal, without it you’re like, Oh, Oh, uh-oh, now the other four goals, and I have no one. Now, I’m not that important to the team. Sometimes it runs just fine, and then you don’t need to show that you have a goal, you can make it. You need to be confident that you are the one that is the next time, with four scoring. Or else, the next time out.”

You have over fourteen years of age a long time in the news for all the people in summary, the complex developments are outlined, and attention has been given to the positive events. Night after night. What’s going on in person before you make a change?

“Well, that is the question that I have for myself to which I honestly have no answer to it. I was asked by the week to the editor: “What do you actually get in the evening with your free time?” It was the last friend to have a beer, and we were wondering if we might have a club room. With the help of Frank Sinatra’s style of music, whiskey and cigars.”

“I know, it’s just not as good. For me, it’s a look of concern. How do I fill out the evening. All of the addictions are not to be visible when you finish with that you are apparently addicted to, has been made. I knew how it felt to give up smoking, when I quit smoking. However, I am confident that I have things to do, and I’m not a stuffy workaholic.”

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