Oslo to the first city for the charging of electric taxis over-the-air

HELSINKI (Reuters) – the Norwegian capital Oslo will be the first city in the world to install wireless charging systems for electric taxis, in the hope that it will recharge quickly and efficiently enough to the speed of the takeup of non-polluting cabs.

The project will make use of induction technology, with the loading of the plates installed in the road, at a taxi rank and the pair of receivers installed in the vehicle, Finnish utility Fortum said on Thursday.

From 2023 all taxis in Oslo will have to be with zero-emission and Norway wants all new cars to be zero emission in 2025. Among the other nations, Britain and France have similar goals for 2040.

Fortum, which together with the AMERICAN company Momentum Dynamics of the City of Oslo on the scheme, said the biggest hurdle for the electrification of the taxi’s were until now the infrastructure, as it is too time-consuming for cabbies to find a charger from the wall outlet, wait for the car to charge.

Induction is more energy efficient and makes charging of the taxis, while they are in the slow moving queues at the taxi rank.

“The time is equal to money as a taxi driver,” said Ole Gudbrann Hempel, head of Fortum public charging network in Norway.

Norway is the world’s highest rate of electric car ownership, thanks to the long-term benefits like free or cheaper road tax, parking and charging points. Last year, almost one in three newly sold cars were electric.

The government will also exempt electric vehicles from the tax on the traditional vehicles that are very high in a country that has no own fossil fuel car industry to lobby against them.

With only five million people, Norway bought 46,143 new battery for electric cars in 2018, making it the largest market in Europe, ahead of Germany with 36,216 and France on 31,095, according to the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association.

Edited by Terje Solsvik and David Holmes

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