“Oscar” Italian ” Danny Boyle: ‘a biopic about the Band itself, I was not pulled

Director Danny Boyle wanted to be a “love letter” to The Beatles ‘ writing and the cast of the film Yesterday. A biopic about The Beatles without John, Paul, Ringo, and George. The main character, Jack, is the only person in the world that is the music of the iconic rock band is still able to remember it.

Singer-songwriter Jack Malik (Study Patel) comes in Yesterday, after an accident, discover that he is the only way to still know who The Beatles were, are, and of what numbers they have made. Her best friend, Ellie (Lily James), as well as Jackets, the manager, to melt when she strips for the first time to hear it. As well as the rest of the world.

With Yesterday is going to be the Beatlemania of the sixties and so, once again, from the start. While Jack is becoming more and more popular, thanks to, Let It Be, The Long and Winding Road, Hey Jude, come have a good relationship with, as well As under stress.

With the award-winning films such as Trainspotting and Slumdog Millionaire, music has played for decades a very important role in the work of Boyle. The British film-maker will what The title of The film special. “The chemistry they have together is so special. If you have material to look at from the film ‘ Let It Be, you’ll see just how remarkable this is, and what it does in a relatively short period of time, has been completed. Certainly, as a filmmaker, I can understand that, because of our work, that the chemistry between people.”

On the question of whether or not he is correct, a biographical film about four of the band members had to make do with the Oscar-winner is not to be doubted. “Well, personally, draws me to that. It would be more of a documentary of these men are. This is the story of how ordinary people are connected by love. With a love of The Beatles, where I would find myself very hard to vastklamp. And for the love of each other through the music.”


Danny Boyle calls his new Beatles film, ” love letter to the band

Get closer to music by the Beatles, themselves, to leave

Boyle is sitting at the interview in addition to film maker Richard Curtis, who previously had success with Love, Actually and Notting Hill. Before Yesterday, he took the screenplay in and of itself. Curtis explains how, with the music better if you are due to have something to do with the reality. “Beatles’ songs, feel it is never autobiographical. If you have to, Nowhere Man, Fool on the Hill, or to Help listen to it, don’t you think that His life will go on. They feel like the songs that all of us are. So, I think the fact that it is a film about these four men are less close to their music, it would come out a movie about people that music is fun.”

“This story was originally by someone else is coming from,” says Curtis. “So, basically, I’m just like Jack in the movie. However, the reason for that is the way I would like to make is that I’m already in love with the Beatles ever since I was seven years old. I like more of the music that I love, love. Three great liedschrijvers in one band, and that’s really most of the time. I think that they are the best team that England has to be written. Their music is more to our country than the music of any artist, anywhere.”

“It is the beginning of a lot of things that we now take for granted,” says principal Study When to. “The approach to collaboration and experimentation, to create music. The material, of course. The Complex and yet simple, and it has all of it.”

The renowned British film makers Danny Boyle (l) and Richard Curtis (r.) struck for the first time together. (Photo: Bruno Press)

The protagonist, sang, and played all of it live

On the set of Yesterday’s song was played When all the songs are live. “Danny and Richard, made for a great atmosphere on the set, so I can be happy, no pressure felt from the performance. I’m beginning to kind of just now realizing what we have done.”

When was Yesterday on the set of Ed Sheeran, who appears in the film himself playing and he has been discovered. “He has so remained, in spite of the fact that he has in stadiums across the globe, uitverkoopt,” says Patel. “That’s something even you can, I think, for my part.”

“I asked him what it was to have such a full stadium to play in,” says Patel about his preparation for the big scene in which he picked up during one of the Sheerans sold out concert tickets. “He said that the audience in front of him, a blob is a shapeless mass, which he was to play. That comment, I was able to make good use of it when we are in the heart of london, than during the concert, in front of an audience of 70,000 people.”

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