O’rourke calls for the legalization of marijuana, the release of non-violent offenders

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Talk radio host Arnie Arnesen, and Jimmy Barrett debate what both the Republican and Democratic parties with a proposal for new gun control legislation.

Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’rourke on Thursday unveiled his plan to legalize marijuana at both the Federal and provincial level, remove the drug from the controlled substances list, and mercy provide for those who serve prison time for marijuana conviction.

The proposal, which would wipe out the former Congressman from Texas, the records of those convicted of possession of marijuana and let those currently serving prison sentences in prisons for non-violent marijuana-related offences. O’rourke emphasized that he wants to help, the “injured by the war on drugs” by “granted to drug war justice,” which would be financed by a Federal tax on the marijuana industry.


The O’rourke campaign, told Fox News that 11,500 people are currently incarcerated in Federal prisons for non-violent marijuana offense, and you would have claim on mercy.

The Republicans hit back at O’rourke, who in recent weeks has embraced other liberal positions, such as the demand for the confiscation of certain firearms.

“Say it ain’t so, Beto. First, grab guns from law-abiding citizens, and now the legalization of marijuana?” Texas GOP sen. John Cornyn tweeted.

O’rourke calls for the regulation of marijuana similar to how alcohol is regulated. That would also buy require IDs to, marijuana, restricting its use in public areas and the focus on deterring driving under the influence and the limitation of their use in public spaces. O’rourke suggests, “an aggressive advertising campaign” to discourage driving under the influence of marijuana and the use of minors.

O ‘Rourke’ s plan as no surprise, since he was one of the first candidates in the record-to name a field of Democratic White house hopefuls for marijuana legalization.

A majority of the Democratic presidential contenders suggest, the legalization of marijuana, but O’rourke is one of only a handful of candidates – along with Sens. Cory to call Booker from New Jersey and Kamala Harris in California, to be removed from the register of criminal records of those convicted of possession of marijuana. Tech entrepreneur Andrew Yang has also said he would transgressions, you forgive them in prison for non-violent marijuana.


The legalization of marijuana and ending the war on drugs has long since originated a crusade for O’Rouke, from his time, a decade ago, as the El Paso council member. In 2011, he co-wrote a book with the title “death and drugs: The Big business of Dope in the U.S. and Mexico.” And he used the question to the defeat of an incumbent Democratic member of Congress and win the election to the house of representatives a year later.

In the revelation of his plan, O’rourke, the toll the war has taken against the drug marked, on minorities across the country.

“We need to get done at the end of not only the prohibition of marijuana, but also repair the damage to communities of color disproportionately incarcerated in our justice system or locked Chance, because the war against drugs,” he said in a statement.

“These inequalities have, for decades, as a predominantly white municipalities is given acute, the vast majority of lucrative business opportunities, while the communities of color still face on police and criminalization. It is our responsibility to begin to help eliminate the injustices of the past and the people and communities most affected by this misguided war,” he added.

While the President has a Trump relaxing strict Federal marijuana laws indicated, it is the States that have taken the lead. Eleven States and the District of Columbia have legalized recreational marijuana, while 33 States have medical marijuana legalized, and 14 have decriminalized the drug.

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