Original, light and festive: the eindejaarsmenu of Arno Verbeke, caterer-to-house

The cooking style of chef Arno Verbeke is refreshing and original, contemporary, light yet festive. The feestmenu that he for Knack Weekend presents is packed with pure flavors and healthy, honest products.

© Piet De Kersgieter

Arno Verbeke (30) of Point Albert in Brussels is a catering service tailored to your needs. His slogan is: Smart, Pure & Kooky Food. Each party makes he something special because he finds his soul again. As a student he met during his studies in business administration and real estate in the hospitality industry. He was followed by another a year koksopleiding in Spermalie and refined his cooking skills for four years at the famous Boxy-caterers.

Arno was already a time to dream to own his own business when he was in Brussels on the building fell off of the former tweesterrenrestaurant Cravache d’or. For a 25-year-old, from Knokke-Heist coming snaak was not easy to be in Brussels by the foot to the ground. The breakthrough came with the concept of a caterer at home’. The outdoor cooking was so important that the shop is an afterthought.

Today, Point Albert customers from Brussels to Paris, among whom many well-to-do families, people from the art world and pr agencies. Arno works to a larger building in Sint-Gillis.

The shop is starting in January was transformed into a food share-restaurant, the spring opens ; in the new operation takes the chef a minority interest, but he remains the creative brain. “I sleep an average of only five to six hours per night, because I no can take away. I can not work on auto-pilot, I seek constantly to improve. At this level, you need to keep up with the time, dynamic and creative out of the corner, otherwise choose your clients for one another.”


Spicy sweet wine and fork with figs (10 pieces)


Stuffed mushroom with cream of beetroot, parmesan and preischeuten

White tripe, confit of red onion, dried apple

Maki of wintervegetables, Greek Yogurt and haringeitjes


Ceviche of mackerel, puff of black radish and wintervegetables, linzencrème


Dove with preiblad, parsnip puree, mushrooms, kohlrabi and walnotencrumble


Pear, sorbet and a crumble of rosemary, with a topping of with blue-veined cheese

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