‘Original flavor of tomato may be reduced’

‘Original flavor of tomato may be reduced’

Research by an international team of scientists reveals that it is possible to have tomatoes back to their original taste back.

The tomato is in the last few years by growers especially selected for their size, firmness, color, and shelf life. Because the taste sometimes was overlooked, many modern tomato varieties than their original taste is lost, writes the Volkskrant.

From the research emerges that it is now possible to the original tomatensmaak to bring back: by selecting on the ‘old’ genes.

The team of researchers went looking for the genes associated with the lost flavor of the tomato. One of the reasons for this is that growers, especially large tomatoes select, but because less contain sugars, take in the aroma of the vegetables. In addition, tomatoes are also grown in colour and is this: the redder the better. But with the emergence of the red dye come out there are also fragrances that become unpleasant.

During the study were judged by tasting panels taste of a hundred tomato varieties. With the information that resulted in the researchers found the chemical compounds that for good taste, but less prevalent in new than in old tomato varieties.

Old taste

The researchers could then with the help of the chemical compounds, genes in the image that are lost during the breeding, or breeding. Through these genes to select, it is possible for growers to have the ‘old’ taste of the tomato back. “Our findings offer a roadmap for improvement of taste,” said the researchers in the scientific journal Science.

“If you know what bits of dna are important, then you can at the breeding easy to see which hybrids a success they are,” says Ernst Woltering, researcher at the Wageningen University, in the Volkskrant. “For a breeding company, this is interesting research. There are things above water level that breeders can use to modern tomato varieties have more flavour. How, for example, the original quality back without the tomatoes to make it smaller”, says the researcher.


Comparing old with new varieties to loss is explained not previously on this scale, says Woltering, who is not involved in the research, to the newspaper. “This study not only explains why tomatoes today, less taste, but also indicates what solutions are possible”.

According to Woltering be flavor and aroma not only be determined during the growth of the tomato. According to him, is also the period after the harvest is important. Because the longer and colder a tomato is preserved, the greater the chance that the taste will be. “Flavouring substances react strongly to conditions after the harvest. That makes a taste for a part unpredictable. Sugar and acid content during storage and transport may also change, but that’s going slower,” says the researcher.

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