Oranjevrouwen at peace with the leadership in Estonia

The Oranjevrouwen to play on Friday in their first match in the qualifying for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS and in 2021 in England. In the last stages of play, the runner up at the worlds from 18: 00 at Greece. Then, follow the wheel of this liveblog.

Good evening and welcome to our liveblog of the Oranjevrouwen. My name is Jeroen van Barneveld and I will keep you up to date on the EURO qualifier between Estonia and the Netherlands.

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Estonia, the Netherlands · 3 hours agoKick-off! The ball is rolling again, did you? Put the Oranjevrouwen in the second half, and with a high score down to up against Estonia?Estonia, the Netherlands · 8 minutes agoCheering Oranjevrouwen after 0 and 3 by Sherida Captain, who scored from a free kick.Estonia-the Netherlands 16-geledenNederland lead at half with a 0-3 against the Netherlands. The team of head coach Sarina Wiegman, the double-digit growth, get it?

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Estonia-Netherlands · 18 hours agoto Rest. It is not a problem for the Netherlands in the first EURO qualifier, from, to Sweden. The team of head coach Sarina Wiegman is going to be comfortable in the lead, with a 0-3, thanks to goals from Vivianne Miedema, Jill Roord and Sherida Pointed.Estonia-the Netherlands, 21 minutes geleden42 there is to it (0 to 4) for the Netherlands. Again, it causes the Estonian keepster is a chance for the Netherlands, but halfjes to save it to a stake, She, from the Dark to shoot in the rebound right next to it.Estonia, the Netherlands · 23 minutes ago –40′ GOAL in the new year! 0 to 3

Sherida Pointed tip to increase the margin to three with a free-kick. The old hand lift the ball casually over the Estonian wall and see the keepster, of Estonia, of blunder by the free-kick into her own goal to save them.Estonia, the Netherlands · 25 minutes ago,Jill Roord its goal is likely not to be able to see, witness, this picture is right after they get the tractor and flip the 0 to 2.Estonia, the Netherlands · 29-minute geleden34′ in Estonia is limited, you have to defend it, even from a 0-2 deficit against the Netherlands. The Estonians want to have a high score appear in the town hall square.Estonia, the Netherlands · 33 minutes ago –31′ GOAL in the new year! 0 to 2

The brakes are more than welcome to the Oranjevrouwen. First, it fires a few times, Dekker hit the ball on to the crossbar, the rebound, it’s a no-brainer for Jill Roord to take the score to double in size.Estonia, the Netherlands · 37 minutes ago –27′ GOAL in the new year! From 0 to 1

Vivianne Miedema, get her out of oz. In the past, failed in the end, it is the touch of the crowd. With a beautifully-shot distance, she breaks the spell for the Netherlands in Tallinn, estonia.Estonia, the Netherlands · 42 minutes ago there are21′ To the shot, no lack of goals scored all the more. The aluminum prevents a head-start in the Netherlands, which is the goal of Estonia-into the bull’s-eye.Estonia-the Netherlands is a 43-minute geleden19′ Post! Once again, no goal for any country. Now it gets Vivianne Miedema of the post. The rebound also comes by Jackie Green will not score a goal.Estonia, the Netherlands · one-hour geleden17 Even for an empty goal, Vivianne Miedema is the ball in after the keeper has already omspeeld. It is to be zijnet in the end.Estonia, the Netherlands · one-hour geleden17′ Comedy capers in Tallinn, estonia. A representative of Estonia, and blasts the ball deliberately back to her keepster Strigin, but that has not at all. Strigin have to stretch to get to a private goal to avoid it.Estonia, the Netherlands · one-hour geleden15 Weather hits the Netherlands for a gap in the positions of Estonia, but it once again fails to meet the Netherlands in the score to open it up. Now, Vivianne Miedema, not in a cross from the right wing.Estonia, the Netherlands · one-hour geleden14′ Merel van Dongen, there is a free-kick sharply and reached a Vivianne Miedema. The leading edge of the ban, not break: zijnet.Estonia-the Netherlands-four hours ago,and the eleven stand up tonight at the kick-off.Estonia, the Netherlands · one-hour geleden9, ” It is a one-way street in the direction of the target from the Netherlands. Is the hot knife through the Offers of butter, and it’ll have to wait for the opening goal.Estonia, the Netherlands · one-hour geleden3′ Jill Roord to shoot from a long distance away from the target. The keepster of Estonia, there are major problems with it, and grabbelt the ball against the crossbar.Estonia, the Netherlands · one-hour geleden1 After 47 seconds, it’s already almost touch the Oranjevrouwen. Lineth Beerensteyn breaking through on the right side, but striker Vivianne Miedema is not accessible.Estonia-the Netherlands-four hours ago, toKick-off! The ball will roll in the town hall square. The Oranjevrouwen have started to work on the kwalificatiereeks for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, and by 2021, from Russia.Estonia, the Netherlands · one-hour geledenDe songs sound like in Tallinn. Estonia, the Netherlands are going to almost start over.Estonia-the Netherlands-four hours ago,Estonia is 99th in the FIFA ranking
Estonia is not on the same level, not even in women’s football. The Estonians occupy a place on 99 in the FIFA rankings. The netherlands is a state party.Estonia-the Netherlands, one hour ago inTallinn, the place of performance of this european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifier, is just around the corner, but it does have a number of supporters of the Oranjevrouwen is not that far a trip for them to make it.Estonia, the Netherlands · 2 hours ago there isa Second match between Estonia and the Netherlands
This is only the second time that the women of the Netherlands, and Estonia compete with each other. For the first time, it was in a practice duel on the 20th of may, 2015, on the eve of the world cup of that year. The Oranjevrouwen was that they were 7-0, to be strong. In the Netherlands, production of which came from Danielle of
in the Dark (2x), Peter Jones (2), Jill Roord, Shanice van de Sanden, and Merel van Dongen.Estonia-the Netherlands 2 hours ago, This is the kwalificatiepoule in the Netherlands
For the match, as Estonia is the first EUROPEAN qualifier for the Oranjevrouwen. The nine group winners and three best runners qualify directly for the European finals. This is the group from the Netherlands:

  • The netherlands
  • Russia
  • Slovenia
  • Turkey
  • Kosovo
  • Estonia
  • Estonia, the Netherlands · 2 hours ago –the Netherlands, Roord, and Beerensteyn against Estonia
    Coach Sarina Wiegman choose, Jill Roord and Lineth Beerensteyn in the united of the Oranjevrouwen for the european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifier against Estonia. Roord has taken the place of the injured Lieke Martens, while Beerensteyn once again be the preferred top of Shanice, van der Sanden. Wiegman pays for the remainder of the trust to the trusted names.

    Installation in the Netherlands: From the West, From Lunteren, Netherlands, Bloodworth, From taos, new mexico; Green, Pointed, out Of the Dark; Beerensteyn, Miedema, Roord.Back to top

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