Orange-the future passed artists, depending, of course, EK hockey

Without the artists, See Verga and Robbert Kemperman to chase down the Dutch field hockey on Saturday in Antwerp is the third European title in a row. Ex-international Teun de Nooijer, the former Dutch national coach Paul van Ass will have to understand the decision of coach Max Caldas, the duo is at home.

Fare (187 international matches), and Kemperman (206) fell at the beginning of this year, is already out of the picture for the new Pro League, because the priority is indicated in the lucrative league is in Russia. Also, in preparation for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS and had two players, not an invitation for the selection.

“Kemperman has been at his club, where there are two times in a badly hit in his hamstring”, why Syrup of the decision to “His body was not to be in order to play at this level. You need to be healthy and fit; it takes time, and we don’t have that.”

“The performance by Him to his club, of Amsterdam, went with a lot of ups and downs. You must be at the end of seven months, without the Orange on the club level so good to be here. This was not the case at all.”

Robbert Kemperman was not fit enough for the CHAMPIONSHIP. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

“No right to a place in the Orange due to a lot of national football team’

Of the Ass, which is between 2010 and 2014 national coach of the Netherlands hockey players, the explanation of the Syrup to follow. “You don’t have the right to have a ticket for the Dutch national team, because you have so many international matches to have,” he says, compared to NUsport.

“And they, in turn, have also opened the door to Malaysia has to go. And now that she’s eight months with the Dutch national team to train, they need to go to that physically makes. It’s not like you have an extra shuttle bus after the training, the international, it could make a difference.”

“It’s no different, but it’s always with you”, said De Nooijer, who, from experience, obviously. It was in 2012, in the first instance, Of the Ass, the outside of the pre-selection for the Olympic Games in London, alone.

In the end, the then 36-year-old balvirtuoos after three months of absence, however, will be recalled. “It is a good idea to get in the face of adversity, to look at what you have and what you have to in the future better to do.”

Ex-international Teun de Nooijer. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

‘Not the end of the interlandloopbaan’

De Nooijer do not think that the opening for the Olympic Games in Tokyo next year’s final is the 29-year-old Kemperman and his peer Meeting. “Do this for me, is not the end of the interlandloopbaan by Kemperman, and have such a terrible time. The netherlands belongs to the best players in existence. There is one of the time.”

“But when you have so many tournaments played on them, the question is whether they are truly hungry. No matter how much they want to be really on their borders? That’s always a tough battle,” remarks Of Assistant and current coach of UFC, whose son, Seve, leader of the Orange to the european CHAMPIONSHIPS.

“There’s no question you have individual quality, but in the end, no one is indispensable. This is also for them: the winner of the european CHAMPIONSHIP? Of the Netherlands to the european CHAMPIONSHIP win, there are obviously more options.”

The former Dutch national coach Paul van Ass. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

Out of Belgium are the top favourites at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS

Despite the fact that the Netherlands, reigning European champion, fide De Nooijer host country and the current world champion of Belgium as well as the top favourites for the title. “In Belgium, a lot of quality and experience,” says De Nooijer. “They already have a title under their belts, but they are still hungry. They are also available in their own country, which is a huge benefit as well.

Of the Asds suggests that the freshness of spirit is the main ingredient for the Netherlands is to make a success of the European championship, and to be able to defend it. “Well, if it is correct, does the Netherlands still have the best chance for the stage win. The netherlands has the best team and the best players are.”

The netherlands will begin on Saturday in the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in the Belgian city of Antwerp with a group competition, against the republic of Ireland. A day later, the team’s chief rival in Germany, and then to Orange, on Tuesday, the group stage will conclude with a meeting with the uk.

The number one and two from the two groups qualify for the semi-finals. The winner of the final, which is on the 24th of August, that is played in, take a ticket for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, japan.

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