Orange Is the New Black ” actress Laura Gómez plays a role in the BNNVARA series

Laura Gómez, also known as Blanca Flores in “Orange Is the New Black”, will have a role to play in the second season of the BNNVARA series, Anne+.

The forty-Gomez saw the first two episodes, Anne+, which revolves around the love life of a lesbian girl who, at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York city. And the makers has approached and expressed the wish to have an important role to play in the second season.

Last week, he flew to the Dominican republic, and actress to the film. “It’s going to be a good and entertaining series,” said Gomez. “That’s when I found out they were making a second season, I would like to be part of it. Even though I am a tree, you need to play, let’s go.”

In the second season, and Anne+ will be in the spring at the BNNVARA on NPO3. The first series was nominated for the Prix Europe and selected for various international film festivals.

Also the role of Rick Paul van Mulligen

Gomez also played a prisoner in “Orange Is the New Black”. She was in 74 episodes of the now-stopped Netflix series.

In addition to Gomez in the second season roles on, among others, Rick Paul van Mulligen, and Jesse Mensah. The title role will be played by Hanna from a Distance.

The young artists developed the idea for the series, due to the lack of representation of queer women in the media. “In a lot of existing movies and tv series, is a lesbian are still presented as a part of the problem,” says the general Taste Wiemeijer.


The first footage of the series is about a gay man in his twenties, Anne

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