Orange is behind against France in second half of semi final european cup

The handbalsters of Orange to 21: 00 in Paris began to the semi-finals of the european CHAMPIONSHIPS against France. The winner will play Sunday in the final showdown against Russia. In this liveblog, you do not have to miss anything.

  • Orange again in semi-final european CHAMPIONSHIPS
  • Host country France, the opponent
  • Winner to final against Russia

European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · a few seconds geleden40′ the Netherlands plays to hurry to make use of the numbers up situation. In fact, France is making a rapid outbreak 14-18. The host country plays very solid in the second half, the Orange is hardly through.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 2 minutes geleden38 A French will receive a time penalty of two minutes, because they are unauthorised Kelly Dulfer-down pulls. This is the chance for Orange, that a numbers up situation.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 3 minutes geleden38 ” A few misses are hard punished by France, that leads to 14-17. To make matters worse, touches of Orange, Martine Smeets lost with an injury.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 7 minutes geleden33′ There is the equalizer for Orange! Lois Abbingh makes him and put the Netherlands and France again at the same height. France responds immediately and comes via a zevenmeterworp again on lead: 13-14.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 8 minutes geleden32′ France to score first, but Kelly Dulfer immediately provides for a aansluitingstreffer: 12-13.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 9 minutes ago31′ The second half between France and the Netherlands, has begun. Can Orange be beyond the host country to fight?European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 18 minutes ago

It is peace of mind! 6-10 to ➡ 11-12
Here the delicious aansluitingstreffer of @MalesteinAngela, which keeps score 💪
#NEDFRA #EKHandbal

AvatarAuteurZiggo SportMoment of plaatsen21:36 – 14 december 2018EK handball · 20 minutes agoFrance should the referees be quite physically intervene, but the Netherlands will not chests. Especially Angela Malestein (four goals) and Nycke Groot (three) are underway.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 25 minutes geleden30′ By a goal from Angela Malestein is the standby 11-12. Orange show itself, a short stage halfway through the first half after, at least equivalent to reigning world champion France.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 26 minutes agoOrange knokt for what it is worth, and gives France a particularly difficult evening so far.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 27 minutes geleden29′ Angela Malestein scores! With 10-11 is again very close to each other, can the Netherlands until the peace to endure and maybe even again on lead? For the moment, because France makes immediately afterwards 10-12.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 29 minutes geleden26 ” Now, bad luck for the whole of Orange, when a French attempt of the direction is changed, and agonizingly slowly over the goal line bounces. Shortly thereafter, scores Estavana Polman, however, so the margin back to two: 9-11. Rinka Duijndam shows itself in between, a good replacement of Tess Wester, with an excellent ‘save’.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 31 minutes geleden25′ Unlucky for Martine Smeets, her attempt through the pole and crossbar of the goal will see bounce.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 32 minutes geleden24′ Nycke Groot reduces the backlog even further. It is now 8-10 and the Netherlands has the ball almost immediately back to tackle.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 35 minutes agothe Netherlands is struggling against the physically strong French, but hook is still not down. The difference is with three goals in the advantage of France is still clear.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 36 minutes geleden21′ A period of possession for the Netherlands, but the French defense keeps the damage limited. At an intermediate position of 7-10 invests now the French national coach a time-out.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 40 minutes geleden17 ” It’s been almost cannonballs that France Wester supported. There flies another one with undue speed the intersection: 6-9. Coach Thomsen put the middle of the first half, its first time-out.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 42 minutes geleden17′ Strong phase for the Netherlands, with two goals (of Malesteijn and Large) and two rescues Tess Wester. With 6-8, everything is still possible.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 44 minutes geleden14′ France increases the margin back to three. That is also true in the subsequent attack, because Polman the French keepster touch: 4-7.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · one hour geleden13′ Finally a Dutch goal! Estavana Polman throws strikes and puts the Netherlands on 4-6.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · one hour geleden12′ France cuts by the Dutch defense back and comes in at 3-6. It is the fourth hit in a row for the French, Orange for that string to break?European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · one hour geleden10′ Now a yellow card for Kelly Dulfer. The Dutch ministry of defence has it difficult against the strong French, who now warmed up bodies. This attack failed, however. A moment later, Nycke Groot is also on the receipt.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · one hour geleden9′ France turns up, scores three times in a row and leads suddenly with 3-5. The netherlands need to be careful that, after the good beginning, not now all the challenge out of hand.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · one hour geleden7′ the Netherlands gets a taste of their own medicine as the French two times rapidly released in the tegenstoot. For the first time the host country tonight on projection: 3-4.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · one hour geleden6′ the following goal of France is answered directly by Orange, Kelly Dulfer makes the 3-2.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · one hour geleden4′ France is at the same height, but then immediately brings the recovered Nycke Big Orange back on the lead: 2-1 for the Netherlands.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · one hour geleden2′ France after her first attack to redeem. A French even get yellow after a improper push. The second French attack is also wrong, because that ends on the pole.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · one hour geleden1′ Lois Abbingh open the score on behalf of the Netherlands from a zevenmeterworp! Good beginning of Orange, the first, the best attack immediately exploited.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · one hour geledenFrankrijk and the Netherlands have begun at the semi-final at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS. Noteworthy: “Les Bleus” play in white, Orange and black.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · one hour ago,The public is ready for France and the Netherlands. The AccorHotels Arena with twenty thousand men fully loaded.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · one hour agoFrance is a tough opponent for the team of bondsoache Helle Thomsen. The host country is reigning world champion and also plays for a private audience. European champion France, however, never. In fact, I was never achieved, something that the Netherlands last year was successful.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · one hour agoAbout an hour, the Dutch handbalsters with the French, to determine the opponent of Russia in the european CHAMPIONSHIP final.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 3 hours agoRussia first finalist european CHAMPIONSHIPS handball
The first european CHAMPIONSHIPS-finalist is known. Olympic champion Russia with 28-22 clearly too strong for Romania. The Russinnen play Sunday in the final in Paris against the winner of the other semifinal, tonight at 21: 00 starts. Orange takes on against France.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 10 hours agoAlthough Orange for the fifth time in a row in the semi-finals of a big tournament, Abbingh that the handbalsters at the european CHAMPIONSHIP for a surprise have provided. They noted that the confidence for the start of the european CHAMPIONSHIPS is not large due to the lack of Danick Snelder (injury) and stopped Yvette Broch. “For the tournament, feared that we the group stage perhaps would not even survive, so little confidence was there, by the disappearance of two cirkelspeelsters world-class. But there is unexpectedly a different dynamic in the team arise and now we’re just in the semi-finals.”European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 11 hours geledenNederland played on 9 december against Romania and came in the day after was still in action against Norway (11 december) and Germany (12 december), after which the formation of coach Helle Thomsen Thursday, Nancy left for Paris. Thomsen allowed himself this week even though several times critical of the busy schedule. The coach notices that her players this way “physically broken” and that France, with three matches in seven days played, it is.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 11 hours agoHandbalster Abbingh frustrated by ‘killing’ schedule Orange
Lois Abbingh is looking forward to the semi-finals at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS handball tonight against host France, but also thinks that Orange is in disadvantage against the reigning world champion. The new aanvoerster notice that the packed schedule took a toll begins to demand in the Dutch team. “It is a wonder that there are so few injuries in our team, after three games in four days. That is really debilitating. On the day that we wouldn’t have to play, we had to also travel. Therefore, We start not really equipped to the semi-final, while that on such an important tournament, however, it should be the case.”European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 11 hours agoCoach Helle Thomsen takes Angela Malestein in the Dutch handbalploeg for the duel with France in the semi-finals of the european CHAMPIONSHIPS. The hoekspeelster was earlier this tournament to the tribune referred to make place for debutante Dione Housheer. The Danish coach spins the reels now back to the encounter with France. “I want two players for the right corner, light them her decision. It means that Housheer, which is more for the build-up, against France, the team disappears. She stays behind the hand.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 15 hours agoCoach Helle Thomsen of the Netherlands considers the French women something stronger, but has a lot of confidence in her own team. “The team has surprised me on this EK. The girls form a close-knit team. They are members of a thick defeat against Norway, but still not 24 hours later they won again convincingly of Germany”, says the Danish coach in the run-up to the duel.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 15 hours agoThe handbalsters for the fifth time in a row in the semi-finals of a big tournament. Orange plays tonight at 21: 00 in Paris against France at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS. The previous four semi-finals of the Orange led two times to a final, and three times to a medal. The ultimate color of gold was not there yet, the two-times silver (world cup 2015 and euro 2016) and a bronze (world cup 2017). If the Netherlands in the final, then Romania or Russia is the opponent. Defending champions Norway were not in the final four to come out and state for the first time since 2000, not in the final of a european CHAMPIONSHIP.Back to top

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