Orange (17) is losing after a penalty and runs the final mass at the world cup

Orange (17), it is just not able to make it for the first time in the history of the finals of the world cup to pick it up. The netherlands bowed on Thursday at the state da Gama, after a nail-biting penaltyserie in Mexico.

Again, an hour and fifteen minutes before time, however, the advantage of a intikker of Youri Rule. Just five minutes later, it was Mexico, thanks to a free kick by Efraín Álvarez across: 1-to-1.

Because of the world cup, under 17 and no extensions are to be played, and should penalties be the solution. Therein, the missing is calculated as end the Reign of the decisive.

It was the second time it is Orange (17) to the semi-finals of the world cup was. In 2005, there was also a Mexico-Netherlands in the final battle did.

Despite the loss, the game is still not all the way to the team’s coach, Peter van der Veen. On Sunday the consolation class at the loser of the semi-final showdown between France and Brazil at the time. These countries are, in the night from Thursday to Friday, (0.00 hours cet), compared to each other.

Orange (17) looked like after a goal by Youri Rule on the way to the final. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

The reign open the score, the stronger the Orange

The netherlands is thought to be in the Estádio Bezerrão in the first half of it is already in the lead, but a run of Nacl Ünuvar, it was rejected due to a violation of the Mexican keeper. Jayden Good, and it was also close to the 1-0. The shot of the talent of Manchester City, flew in just in addition.

After peace came, the game began in earnest, and it was Orange, obviously, the parent is a party. In particular, the Reign on got a huge opportunity to take the score to open it up. The first lap, following his departure to chelsea in a free standing position is high, some time later he fell off a corner kick by Ian Maatsen in the bar.

The goal is for the Government there was an hour and fifteen minutes before the time all the way. A man Melayro Bogarde so he was up close, touch, and seemed to be Orange, so as in the direction of the final shoot.

The Mexican goal keeper, Eduardo Garcia, to stop the decisive penalty from Youri Rule. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

Mexico takes advantage of mistakes, Amber

Mexico, which is only a little more than before the danger could have been worried, came in less than five minutes later, however, all sides. Álvarez kogelde, a few minutes after being collapsed, in a controversial free kick on the behind, Http Raatsie.

Álvarez seemed to be, then the dumb has to be in the penaltyserie after his ‘Panenka’ by the keeper of Raatsie was captured. On behalf of the Netherlands, went to Mohamed, Taabouni and Jayden Good, but it is in the wrong. There were, however, used oj from Maatsen, Ünuvar and Sontje Hansen’s in front of you.

After each of the five penalties it was 3-3, and then Víctor Guzmán (4-3), the pressure is entirely on the shoulders of the Government explained. To see his efforts be turned away by the Mexican goalkeeper, Eduardo Garcia, and, thus, is a finalist for the Orange to go up in smoke.

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