Orange (17) is hoping to knockout stage world cup after a big win at the US

Orange (17), by a 4-0 victory on peers of the same age from the United States, however, have the chance to reach the knock-out stages of the world cup in Brazil and reach.

The reigning European champion lost its first two groepsduels, Japan (3-0), and Senegal (figure 3-1) and was on the edge of the box. Due to the large victory for the Americans, the team finished as number three in Group D.

As for the four best numbers in three out of the group stages, will also go through to the knock-out stages, the Dutch have a chance. The team’s coach, Peter van der Veen on the list of tracks to three, in any case, New Zealand among them.

As Tajikistan (group E), lost to Argentina and / or Mexico (group F) did not win the Solomonseilanden in their groepsduel, is Orange, and anyway, with the four best numbers three. These two teams come Sunday night into action.

Booth numbers are three,

  • 1. Australia, at 3-4 (5-5)
  • 2. Chile 3-3 (5-6)
  • 3. The netherlands 3-3 (5-6)
  • 4. New Zealand 3-3 (2-5)
  • 5. Tajikistan to 2-3 (2-5)
  • 6. Mexico 2-1 (1-2)

Amber picks up a last resort, against US,

The task for the Dutch team against the United States, it was more than a win and he managed the team, in the night from Saturday to Sunday, an excellent in.

Sontje, Hansen opened up just before half-time the score was in reference to his team-mate at Ajax, Nacl Ünüvar. After a rest, went to the Netherlands to further by the goal of, once again, Hansen, Mohamed Taabouni and Jayden Effective. In-between are missed, Kenneth Taylor, in a penalty shootout.

The other is a duel in group D, winning all positioned in Japan it has already been posted, Senegal. The Asians were, therefore, in the African past, and ended up as first in the group.

Final standings for group D

  • 1. Japan, 3-7 (4-0)
  • 2. Senegal, 3-6 (7-3)
  • The netherlands 3-3 (5-6)
  • United States, 3-1 (1 To 8)

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