Or how the Valentine’s once can be different: five unusual filmromances

Has you on Valentine’s day not in the mood for sweet clichéromances? We present five unusual liefdessituaties.

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Being John Malkovich (1999, Spike Jonze)

Kneusjesachtige puppeteer Craig takes on his new workplace a portal directly into the brain of actor John Malkovich leads. Together with his not onknappe colleague Maxine – for whom he has feelings cherishes – he starts a lucrative business around the immersive being-John-Malkovich-experience. Craig is, however, not the only one with a weak heart for Maxine: his very wife Lotte also would love the sheets to share with Craigs partner in crime. While Maxine aanpapt with the actual John Malkovich, visit Lotte the brain of the latter, and the two have sex vía the body of the actor. When Craig realizes what the two ladies in their shield run, he reduces Sex to one of his puppets.

Jules et Jim (1962, François Truffaut)

Jules et Jim begins a few weeks before the outbreak of the first world War. Best mates Jules – an Austrian and Jim a Frenchman – a desire both to the same woman: playful yet whimsical Ending. Eventually marries Jules with her, and moved the duo to Austria. The two men end up at the front, fighting for the various parties. After the war, pulls Jim to Austria, where he discovers that it is no longer botert between Jules and Cathérine. The Frenchman whom then himself with the wife of his best friend, and the two marry. The gepijnigde Jules, who is afraid Jim and Cathérine to lose, set for along the chalet to inhabit. The three of them know there should be a happy existence, but inflame people’s emotions quickly.

The Handmaiden (2016, Park Chan-wook)

In this erotic thriller get zakkenrolster Sookie a undercoverjob as a servant of the rich and of the outside world, isolated, Lady Hideko. They work on behalf of the pseudo-aristocratic Fujiwara, Hideko’s hand – and her fortune – hunts. He hired Sookie to the naive Hideko in his arms, to float, after which he the rich lady would marry her then in a madhouse, to dump. His plan, however, falls in the water when Sookie and Hideko feelings for each other.

The Lobster (2015, Yorgos Lanthimos)

In the dystopian world of The Lobster get singles 45 days to find a partner in a specially established hotel-cum-prison). If an individual fails in that intent, undergoes he or she is a mandatory transformation into an animal of your choice. In their extremely institutionalised quest for love search for singles desperate to far-fetched similarities, to way a soulmateschap force. The main character David feigns initially a rather far driven heartlessness to match with a highly antipathieke lady. During their relatieproefperiode tortures the wife of David dog – ever brother – to the death, after which David her transforms to a non-specified animal. He flees into the forest and joins a band of loners, that is equally strict rules apply if the hotel operators strive. So are more relationships out of the question. Rather unfortunately for the short-sighted David, that his eye did fall on a visually impaired fellow-loner.

Y tu mamá también (2001, Alfonso Cuarón)

Mexican teenage boys Julio and Tenoch end up on a roadtrip with a non onknappe woman. More: it is not onknappe wife of Tenochs cousin. The boys talk about a non-existent, secluded beach and want her to want to take. When she discovers that her husband is cheating, agree to them. What follows is an educational journey full of sex, drugs, adultery, and life wisdom.

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