Opponent Polling: “It is now really the time for a world cup medal

A year after her return feels like a hiatal hernia repaired, and Kim Polling is once again on top of her. The four-time European champion in judo in the category up to 70 kilograms, hoping that will make a comeback on Thursday to declare, in Tokyo, japan, where they are going to do it, and for the first time in six years, a world CHAMPIONSHIP medal for himself.

“In 2014, was mentally wrong, and a year later, I had a really bad day, you know, in 2017 and I was just coming back from a knee elleboogoperatie, and last year I was not able to join us.”

There was a faint smile of self-deprecating humor down at the Polls if they have a list of the previous world cup participations. In the course of 2013 took the netherlands with a medal (a bronze medal in Rio de Janeiro), only a month and a half after that in the training of its knieband had been ripped off.

“Every year, it was really something”, says the 28-year-old Polls in the interview with NUsport’s back. “We had a very bad marriage, it’s not because I’m the junior world champion has become. But I do think that it is time for a world CHAMPIONSHIP medal. It’s less than I take, of course, is gold, but I think I would at this time be immediately available to sign for the bronze.”

This statement is not very strange, because the Polls came out almost a year out of action due to a herniated disc. Especially in the mental aspect of the long recovery is a bitter pill to swallow. During the fifa world cup in 2018, Baku was in the Italy-based topjudoka in tears and with a deep sense of injustice at home to the finals of her weight class to watch.

“I thought to myself:” if I have this dreadful feeling can keep it and use it for the world cup in 2019, then it will be right up there. But I’m crazy enough, not even for a minute more of thought, and I will have no extra motivation for this world cup. It’s sad really, because I was there, last year was a good one to work through it.”

Kim Polling won the 2013 world CHAMPIONSHIPS, a bronze medal in Rio de Janeiro, brazil. (Photo: Sportvibes)

‘Judogevoel’ all the way back in the Polls

Since her return in march at the Grand Prix in Marrakech and it was getting to the judogevoel, but there is a lot of that. After a couple of disappointing tournaments, tankte, Polling at the end of July and during the Grand Prix of the city trust, by the use of strong opponents and a silver handle.

“I can tell you that I am now at the best level to allow for my return,” says the Polling, which will be in Zagreb, her first medal of the 2019 time. “I’ve got a lot of response from people that they have to go back to Kim in that time. That is a lot of fun to listen to them, because that is how I see it. The judogevoel about it right now the tactical part.”

The Dutch, referring to the disappointment that expired in European championships at the end of June, the belarusian Minsk. The hunting of the Entry: * on her fifth European title ended in the second round, as they vainly waited for a third of a sentence for the swede Anna Bernholm, and then by a risky action and a grip came to be.

Kim Polling, he is on revenge for the disappointing european CHAMPIONSHIP. (Photo: Sportvibes)

‘You can still be angry with him, to START off’

We are now two months have passed, but the sadness and the anger and rage of a lost game might be in the world cup preparations of the Polls. At each and every workout, trying that she and her coach are in the situation Bernholm to imitate, but to see a similar shutdown in the future is to be avoided.

“I can still be pissed that I lost to a girl, that’s not a bag, it has done so,” according to Polls two months later. “It’s very unfair and that is why it is so in practice. I may be in the world simply do not have the same fault, because then I’m just done with myself. However, I can’t imagine that I don’t at all.

“At best, I’m the world champion, with ippons, but I’m preparing myself now for the worst. I’m going to assume that every game with a passive opponent, if Bernholm come across. It goes a bit against my character, but right now, I would have expected that I would find myself, however, is quiet and knows how to keep it. If that is the case, then I am one hundred percent convinced that I will get a medal to go pick it up.”

Polling begins for the world cup with a match against Xiaoqian Sun, Liu Yu Shang. Sanne van Dijke, the Netherlands in the category up to 70 kilos, to take in its first batch of Onix Aldama Cortes, or Surattana Thongsri. The preliminary rounds will be in the Netherlands the night is finished, and the finaleblok will begin on Thursday at 12: 00 pm.

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