Oppo phone has 5x zoom with no protruding lens

Oppo phone has 5x zoom with no protruding lens

Photo: Oppo

Chinese phone maker Oppo has a smart phone camera is shown with a built-in physical lens that is not from the phone plug.

Oppo showed the camera during telecombeurs MWC in Barcelona. It is yet a prototype, which is based on the periscope in submarines, is used.

Oppo phone has internal optical zoom lens

The camera has two lenses: one normal lens with right underneath the sensor, and one in which a series of lenses, behind which the sensor perpendicular inside the phone is built.

Light incident on the lens on the back of the phone, with a prism angle of 90 degrees to change direction. Then, the light goes through a series of lenses that cut in the housing.


By the angle of the prism is very light, and tilt, the zoom range can be adjusted from 2x to 5x. When this occurs, according to Oppo, no loss of quality.

Several available smartphones with two lenses often combine one regular wide-angle lens with an instance that is slightly more zoomed in, as the iPhone 7 Plus. The technique of Oppo, which is developed in cooperation with another company, however, offers a much larger zoom range.

Because the zoom lens through the camera module is located, is all but a 5.7 millimeters thick. That would be about as thick as a current camera modules for smarphones without zoom. Oppo has not yet phone announced where the new camera.

Earlier this month, reached the Oppo in the first place in the Chinese smartphone market.

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