Opnamestop UMCG hold still

Opnamestop UMCG hold still

The partial opnamestop of new patients in the Groningen university hospital UMCG, that for weeks plagued by the VRE-bacteria, still takes “some time”. That has a spokesperson of the hospital Wednesday.

With more than forty people, who in different wards of layers, is the risky intestinal bacterium found.

“But there are the last days no new cases have been added, there is no outbreak. There are now nine people in the hospital,” said the spokesman. According to him, there is also none of the bacteria have become sick.

When the hospital is once again at full strength and running, depends on how quickly the last infected people to home. They are now isolated.

The bacteria (vancomycin-resistant enterokok) is harmless to healthy people, but sick or severely debilitated people may be the VRE-bacteria and cause infections. That can in the worst case, lead to death. Normally disappears, the bacterium itself back out of the body.

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