Opgeluchte Danish people cherish soccer team ticket after a ‘very friendly duel with Ireland

Players from Denmark, relief and pride after securing a ticket to the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2020. The team’s coach Age Hareide, played Monday, the poor in Ireland, and it’s 1-1-draw was still enough for second place in the group.

“It’s terrible, bad”, well-known as a opgeluchte goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel after the match in Dublin, ireland. “We had no ball and had to rely on our state of mind and determination, and while we’re under a lot of pressure there. I don’t know what went wrong, but it does to me now, don’t get out.”

Denmark came in the 73rd minute, however the lead at the Aviva Stadium, but at the end of five minutes, for a period of time supplied will still be an exciting day on the. The Danes, with former Premier league players, Mathias Jørgensen, Lasse Schöne Christian Eriksen in the base, and Kasper Dolberg to as a holding or position.

“It means a lot to us,” said Schmeichel, who is the particular customer that the Sons of the groepsduels at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, and later on in the home, the Copenhagen games. “We’re a small country, and the opportunity to be home and to play in a big tournament are very small. It is a great and unique is that we have our fans that have been able to give it.”

Midfielder Pierre-Emile Højbjerg is underlined that the euphoria of the Danish players. “I’m a little bit lost for words. This year we have had a few goals in a row to put this on all of the targets, certainly the most important. I’m very proud of that.”

The excitement was high in the Netherlands. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

‘May be lucky with a draw

Dutch national team coach Hareide enjoyed it, especially the atmosphere in Dublin was just like Schmeichel, don’t talk about the game for the Danes. “The songs from the stands and the atmosphere in the stadium will make sure of that, it is great to be back here. I really feel at home in the city of Dublin.”

“We are lucky with the draw”, well-known Hareide. “Ireland put us under pressure and were the better team, and while we have not been able to get it in with the switch is dangerous and to be. If Ireland is, as in the play-offs to play, take them to the CHAMPIONSHIP though.”

This is the ninth time that Denmark will participate in the european cup after the European championship of 1992, the tournament was a little over three years ago, in France, like the Netherlands, misliep. The fifa world cup 2018 in Russia took on Denmark in the eighth-finals.

“You were right to end the stalemate by Monday night, as the third in a qualifying group D – Switzerland, the new is to the top of their group, and should be in the play-offs for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS and look to the place. The team of national coach Mick McCarthy has managed in the last two editions, however, have to qualify for it.

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