Ontlastingtest reduces the number of kijkonderzoeken at darmpatiënten

Ontlastingtest reduces the number of kijkonderzoeken at darmpatiënten

The number of darmpatiënten that for a sight examination to the hospital, 30 percent are reduced. In the diagnosetraject would be a combination of questions, physical examination and a stool test is by the gp should be included.

That according to a study published in the journal BMC Medicine, coordinated by the UMC Utrecht.

To the investigation, 810 patients with a potentially serious bowel disease. They underwent a stool test is the presence of blood in the stool was determined, prior to the endoscopy. Of these patients, there were afterwards 669 no serious bowel disease.

When the results of the ontlastingtest were combined with the complaints of the patient, noted the researchers that approximately 30 percent of these patients no endoscopy have undergone, because during their visit to the gp for a serious bowel disease been adequately excluded.

Not always clear

The diagnosis of serious conditions of the bowel such as colon cancer and Crohn’s disease is difficult because the symptoms are not always clear. In case of a suspicion of a serious bowel disease refers to the doctor, the patient, in principle, to the hospital for a sight examination of the bowel (endoscopy).

Previous studies, however, have demonstrated that 60 to 80 percent of the referred patients have no serious condition is found. These patients are therefore unnecessary to be a tedious, time-consuming and costly medical procedure exposed.

Safe method

In the current study was one patient with bowel cancer by the new diagnostic strategy is not immediately referred to a specialist. According to the authors, would be with a close control on ongoing complaints in such cases the diagnosis within a short time, still can be made, instead of to be missed.

“Our research shows that by combining the complaints of patients with a stool test is the number of referrals for an endoscopic control at a serious bowel disorder, with approximately one-third could safely reduce”, says Sjoerd Elias, first author of the study.

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