‘Only presence phone or tablet disturbs sleep, youth

‘Only presence phone or tablet disturbs sleep, youth

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte

The mere presence of a phone or tablet in the bedroom can sleep problems cause in young people. May be they are agitated by the anticipation of messages.

Researchers from King’s College London and Cardiff University studied 20 existing studies in which a total of 125,000 children between six and nineteen years participated.

Only the presence of devices that provide access to (social) media to raise the risk of sleep deprivation with 79 percent. The chance of a poor quality of sleep increases by 46 percent. The chance of a drowsy feeling the next day increases by 127 percent.

“When you look the first is what you do in the morning and the last thing you do before you go to bed, then, this points to addictive behaviors,” said research leader Ben Carter. The results of the research are gepbuliceerd in JAMA Pediatrics Journal.


Although his theory still cannot fully substantiate, thinks Carter that the use of social media in the evening, a person constantly alert. “When you send a message before you go to sleep, you are still aware of the fact that you have a message can get it back.”

According to the researchers, phone and tablet within the ninety minutes before bedtime not to be used for a good night’s sleep.

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