Only on stage is very different for Paul de Munnik

Only on stage is very different for Paul de Munnik

Paul de Munnik had to search a bit now that he is alone on the stage. “I work really solo, with all the responsibility for me alone.”

“You’re on your own on a stage is really something else,” says De Munnik in the AD about his new show New.

Thomas Acda, with whom Paul until 2015, a duo was formed, it was totally my polar opposite’.

“There were two completely different forces on the stage. There was easily a balance to find: I was introverted and thoughtful, than Thomas was expressive and fast. But I can now not only thoughtful and beautiful songs to sing. So I have both roles on me.”


That was search for De Munnik, up to and including may 3, along the Dutch theatres with New.

“I’m not the man of the hard jokes. That does not suit me. But I have something to tell. It was search what I can on my own the best could do.”

Director Koos Terpstra helped him develop a new, own style. “He told me that I the people one-on-one was to speak. That advice I took to heart.”

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