Online shooting game Fortnite after the ‘black hole’ is played

It is a popular online game Fortnite, it is a Tuesday after a day and a half to re-open it for the players. The game was a Sunday night, all players to be closed after an end the tenth season. Since then, the game is just a black hole.

In the beginning of October, there appeared on the field of play on Fortnite and a countdown timer. At the time it happened were any of the players of the island, and the game is blown out, and then, in a black hole is sucked in. After that, it was the game to play it.

Due to the popularity of the game as it was in the media a lot of attention is paid to the ‘black hole’ in the game. Forbes called it the hole, it is also a metaphor for our existence.”

Tuesday morning was an update for the second chapter of the game will be available on all platforms. The players who have the new version installed and could not play. Instead, they were given a page with the message that the servers will be updated. At about 11: 30 am, central european time, players could have the game back on.

Monday night was leaked a trailer for the new chapter, from a small YouTube channel. In the trailer there were new weapons, outfits, and a new one had to be seen. It appears, indeed, that the new additions to the game.

Players will be able to Fortnite, and now only have to play in this new map, the old world will seem to be to have disappeared.


Fortnite no longer be playable due to the explosions, and mysterious black holes

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