Online game Fortnite, black: this is going on

It is a popular online game Fortnite has been in since Sunday night no longer accessible due to a major event in the game. Everything in the game has disappeared into a virtual black hole, in preparation for a major update. We have to put in a row of what is known about what is going to happen, and in a Fortnite.

On a Sunday evening and were the players that Fortnite game short of the island and stopped where they usually fight other players to fight. Then there were the players, trees, buildings, and all the rest of the level, a black hole is sucked in. This is a black hole and since has been seen in the game.

It’s a game, it is, of course, is not gone for good. The events of Sunday, preparing for a major update. With this update, it is already in use by Epic Games to be announced, only that it was not yet clear when the update would come exactly.

Epic Games has been so far silent about what is going to happen. On their Twitch channel for a live image is shown with the black hole. PlayStation on Twitter to let me know that all of the items that players have purchased in-game and on the V-Bucks (money that players pay into the game will be saved.


Fortnite no longer be playable due to the explosions, and mysterious black holes

A new trailer may be a leak

On Monday night, YouTuber SkinTracker a trailer, which may be the most recent update of the Fortnite show. What is remarkable is that the new update will be no season 11 but in chapter 2 of season 1. If we look at the creator of Epic Games has a new age would usher in to the game.

In the trailer, we can see that not only are there new outfits and weapons in the game, and all the other vehicles. Also, players can use fishing. In addition, it seems that the game will be able to play in a new world. This is because the present world is gone.

Tuesday morning was an update for the second chapter of the game will be available on all platforms. The players who have the new version installed was not the right play. Instead, they were given a page with the message that the servers will be updated.

On Tuesday, at the end of the morning it came out and the servers are back online, and a new chapter will be in the next game.

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