One year after you are about to get fulfilled in Genova

Italy will commemorate on Wednesday the wreck of the broken bridge in the port city of Genoa. It’s been exactly one year ago, which is a part of the Morandi bridge collapsed, causing 43 people were killed.

A portion of the 1.2 kilometer-long bridge collapsed on August 14, 2018. At that time, there was a lot of traffic on the bridge. (Photo: Getty Images)


Italian police share new footage of the collapse of the bridge of Genoa

A couple of cars and trucks fell and, as a result, about 50 feet down.

Rescue crews searched for days and days under the rubble for victims. (Photo: Getty Images)

The number of deaths on the 19th of August will be finalized at the 43. (Photo: Reuters)

Of the hundreds of people that are in the vicinity of the bridge, ” lived, were evacuated, and were allowed to pass, after two months, things pick up. (Photo: Getty Images)

At the beginning of december, the last one on the bridge of any remaining vehicles will be removed. (Photo: Reuters)

The dismantling of the bridge began in the month of February. (Photo: Getty Images)

The remaining parts of the bridge were, at the end of June, to explode the charge. (Photo: Getty Images)


Italians commemorate the victims of years after the collapse of ‘rampbrug’

On Wednesday it will be exactly one year since the bridge collapsed.

A memorial service was held with residents, relatives, care workers and other prominent politicians. (Photo: Reuters)

Genoa will have a new bridge. The building is now well underway. The brugverbinding should be out next year once and for all. (Photo: Reuters)

In the meantime, investigations, and Italian authorities to determine the cause of the disaster. It is not clear when the report has finished. (Photo: Reuters)


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