One in three parents think child healthy food to give

One in three parents think child healthy food to give

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A third of the parents will find that his or her child to eat healthily. Almost all parents find a healthy diet is important for their son or daughter.

That is evidenced in an American study among 1.767 parents with children aged four to eighteen years. Researchers from the university of Michigan asked them, inter alia, to the variety of the diet of their child and how important they find that their child has healthy food to eat.

97 percent is of the opinion that the eating habits a life-long impact on the health of their child, but only 17 percent called the diet of their son or daughter ‘very healthy’.


56 percent is of the opinion that his or her child regularly eat healthy, ” and 27 percent think that the diet falls under the heading of ‘somewhat healthy’. A third of the parents, 34 percent, is to make sure that they have a good contribution to the eating habits of their child.

Many reasons listed that has a less healthy diet due to the high costs of healthy products (70 percent), and the fact that the kids healthy food is not tasty (60 percent). 48 per cent find it difficult to specify which products exactly are healthy and which are not.


Despite the fact that many parents say is a healthy diet for their child are important to find, a on the five onderzoekdeelnemers to that it is somewhat to not important is the amount of unhealthy snacks from the diet of their children to delete it.

The same amount of parents think that it is not so important that their children learn to use different types of food to eat. This is 16 percent of the opinion that no consequences if their children lots of sugary drinks.

“As the consumption of fast food becomes the norm, it is even more difficult for children healthy nutritional habits,” says Sarah Clark, one of the employees of the research. “Most parents want their child as healthy as possible to eat, but they have need help to make that happen.”

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