“One in three incorrectly believe that ondoorbakken burger secure.”

“One in three incorrectly believe that ondoorbakken burger secure.”

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31 percent of Dutch people disagree with the statement that a burger of still rosé, can be sick. Wrongly, says the Nutrition centre.

The centre left by GfK a research to flesh, and safety to run 1.059 people, and warns, on the basis of the results for the lack of knowledge of Dutch, with particular regard to hamburgers.

“A burger you can not half raw or rosé food, it is not the same as a steak,” says Wieke van der Vossen, an expert in food safety from the food centre. “A hamburger is ground meat, often beef or pork. And in all types of ground fresh meat may cause harmful bacteria to prevent it.”

If Dutch people outdoors a hamburger to eat, take 27 percent a halfdoorbakken hamburger, and 3 percent prefer a copy that was raw inside.

“In restaurants are higher demands on hamburgervlees than, for example, supermarkthamburgers”, says Van der Vossen. Still recommend it to a citizen for the security cooked to order, especially for risk groups like pregnant women.

Voedselveiligheidsexpert: fry hamburger and well cooked

Not on the level

The survey shows that 8 percent of the respondents think that it is at all not possible to get ill from raw meat. Also consume 47 percent sometimes meat after the expiration date. The Nutrition centre recommends this.

The centre concludes that the knowledge about the dangers of raw meat, especially beef, is not at the desired level. Estimated to run annually 107.000 Dutch food infection to by beef or mutton.

That number is much higher than in chicken and pork, although more species are being eaten. According to the netherlands Nutrition centre have Dutch chicken and pork better because it can be dangerous.

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