“One in three children ignorant about antipestbeleid school

“One in three children ignorant about antipestbeleid school

One in three children has no idea what his school does to prevent or counteract. Also know they often do not who to on school required by law to contact against bullying.

That reports to The foundation, You who did research on bullying in school. The foundation questioned thousands of children and young people between eight and eighteen years, in the run-up to the Week against Bullying Monday start. The people’s action week comes from the foundation School & Safety.

From examination of You shows that two-thirds of the children themselves is being bullied. A quarter of the respondents known to sometimes have someone to have bullied. Bullying in primary schools and in secondary education increases, according to figures from the ministry of Education called off.

At primary school, according to new figures, 10 percent of the pupils once a month or more often bullied. Two years ago, that was still 14 percent. Also at the high school is less bullied. The numbers show a decrease of 11 percent in 2014 to 8 percent in 2016.

‘Good news’

State secretary Dekker said Monday that the decrease of bullying in schools “extremely good news”. He points out that schools, teachers, and other stakeholders in recent years have worked hard to get the bullying to reduce.

He hopes that the new decrease in the coming years to continue. “I am convinced that everybody has between the ears that bullying should be tackled. So I trust that schools, parents and pupils continue to work in the fight against bullying, just as I have.”

Safe school

Schools in primary and secondary education in August 2015 have a duty to ensure a safe school. Important part is the active prevention and anti-bullying.

Bullying is, after sexuality, the topic that children most often seek contact with You, says the organization. In the first six months of this year, performed the employees of the foundation 12.607 conversations with children about bullying.

In 2015, a total 25.564 phone and conversations on this subject held.

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