“One in five necklaces and earrings contains toxic substances”

“One in five necklaces and earrings contains toxic substances”

Jewelry that sold in the Netherlands frequently do not meet the safety requirements. In a little over a fifth (24 of 113) of the surveyed chains and earrings is too much cadmium, lead or nickel, concludes the Dutch Food and consumer product safety Authority (NVWA) in a research.

The sale of jewelry with too many heavy metals is prohibited. The toxic substances can be various diseases cause. At fourteen jewelry was the overrun is so large that the NVWA is wearing it, would advise against. The studied ornaments were bought in department stores, clothing stores, drugstores, and bijouteriewinkels.

A list of the jewelry that a “serious security risk” entail is to be found on the website of the NVWA. It includes the brands Azzurino, BangGood, Bella, Deal extreme, Fashion Jewelry, and Oohlala.

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