One in five Chinese have used sleeping pills

One in five Chinese have used sleeping pills

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More than 20 per cent of the inhabitants of China used medications to sleep faster to grasp. 20 percent of men and 23 percent of the women reported slaaptabletten to use.

This is a big difference in comparison with residents of other countries, evidenced by the Drag of the Census published annually. This worked researchers from the university of Loughborough. In western countries like Britain and Australia, this number is much lower, below ten percent.

For the investigation, more than 15,000 respondents from five different countries: China, South Korea, South Africa, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Also, they were asked about their sleep problems. In South Korea have the most people (nearly thirty percent) suffered from insomnia, which means that they have during the last three months at least three days per week bad slept. In the remaining countries, the percentage is twenty percent.

Uncomfortable bed

Most of the respondents may be no clear reason for this lack of sleep. Night-time toilet visit and an uncomfortable bed are also leading often to a bad night’s sleep.

24% of the participants is not sleeping the number of hours. Residents from South Korea and China are the most concerned about how their work affects.

People from Australia, the United Kingdom and South Africa feel the most onuitgeslapen when they wake up. The majority of the onderzoekdeelnemers think that their job performance would improve when they have a better night’s sleep would have.

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