One in eight teachers are looking for other job due to work pressure and low salary

One in eight teachers are looking for other job due to work pressure and low salary

One in eight teachers is looking for a different job in a different sector due to the high workload and the low salary. Also, they want to change jobs because they are in their current job, often working overtime.

This comes to the fore in a study of the General Onderwijsbond (AOb) that was carried out by means of the cao survey 2017 and was completed by 1629 members. 82 percent of the respondents actually employed as a teacher.

This research shows according to the AOb that teachers structurally working overtime and there is no other profession where so many people are against a burn-out occur. An average week of the course in primary education has 46,9 hours in secondary education, this comes from 45,2 hours.

The respondents called for smaller classes, most often as a solution to the pressure to relieve. In elementary education want to teachers, in addition to less administrative tasks.


Simultaneously presents the AOb also another study where 8.100 teachers, their activities have kept. The teachers were asked to give 24 hours of their pursuits and revealing how difficult these tasks were to them on a scale of one to five.

Teachers spend the most time to teaching. Also preparing and reviewing requires a lot of time, especially in secondary education.

For every 60 minutes that a teacher for the class, he spends at the high school is 50 minutes to the preparation. On the elementary school teachers an average of 24 minutes enough.


According to the AOb appreciate teachers in primary and secondary education still with a score of seven. Teaching, the core function of the profession, by teachers not considered as a heavy burden.

With over 82.000 members is the AOb, the largest onderwijsvakbond of the Netherlands.

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