Once in three to four years kinkhoestepidemie in the Netherlands

Once in three to four years kinkhoestepidemie in the Netherlands

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte

Once in three to four years is a kinkhoestepidemie in the Netherlands. This is apparent from the annual report of Sentinel of the NIVEL.

The epidemics, despite the DKTP-prick from the Rijksvaccinatieprogramma. In 2015, sixty patients with whooping-cough reported. That is, six per 10,000 patients, similar to a year earlier.

During an epidemic increases the number of disease cases among infants up to 6 months with an incomplete vaccinatiestatus. Children since 1953 in the Netherlands have been vaccinated against whooping cough. Meanwhile 96 per cent of the children vaccinated.

From 1996 on, whooping cough more often in the Netherlands, possibly because of the change of the bacteria since the development of the vaccine. Four-year-olds from 2001 a herhalingsvaccinatie with a new vaccine.

The coughing fits that someone with whooping cough will experience like normal showers, but after a number of weeks into a severe cough. This cough can be from one to three months. In children and babies, are the symptoms severe than in adults. Whooping cough is a highly contagious infection of the respiratory tract.

Whooping cough occurs most often in children of zero to nineteen years old.


The Health has in 2015 are advised to pregnant women by default, a kinkhoestvaccinatie to offer. So, according to the Council, young, not yet fully vaccinated infants are better protected. This takes the minister of Health, Welfare and Sport will soon make a decision.

The NIVEL carries out sentinel, 38 gp practices with sixty general practitioners, the weekly number of patients and types of diseases.

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