Once again, tens of thousands of protesters to the streets in Lebanon

Tens of thousands of demonstrators who marched Sunday for the fourth day in a row on the streets in Lebanon to protest against a new belastingplannen of the government.

Previously, we have demonstrated in Lebanon’s capital, Beirut. The police department took in more tear gas and water cannons at the crowd to disperse. Also, some of the stores destroyed were the tires on fire.

On Sunday, it was not only in Beirut demonstrated, but also in other parts of the country. A lot of people were waving the Lebanese flag, and that there was no loud music is played and songs sung.

The mass protests in russia started on Thursday, after the government plan had been announced to tax at the beldiensten over the internet (VoIP), which, among other applications, such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Apple’s FaceTime for mac is available.

A few hours after the protests had started, pulled out of the government’s belastingplannen in, however, loved the idea of. “We didn’t come here just because of WhatsApp, we’ve been here for everything: fuel, food, bread, anything and everything”, summed up in a protester-together-in conversation with the BBC.


Middle easterners keep the charge dance party, as a protest against government plans

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