On the set of the new video clip from Faces On TV: ‘Guitar playing here is rather cliché, isn’t it?’

For the new clip of the Faces On TV, here in Belgian premiere to view,, Jasper Maekelberg and his associates to Gent: “Thou voze guest! Fuck you!’

Jasper Maekelberg of Faces On TV © Anton Coene

Paintbrushes, semi-finished sketches, a messy kitchen, and something to read on the shelf. The Ghent-based studio where the new video clip of the Faces On TV is rotated, breathes creativity. Not coincidentally, it is also the home of an artist, a visual artist Sam Scarpulla, also the brain behind all the artwork of Faces On TV.

The mural in Scarpulla’s bedroom is immediately. “It is a composition of all the small pieces of art for my singles,” says Jasper Maekelberg. ‘Just wanted to give the directors the image absolutely use it in a scene. A nice chance.”

Dancing, After All, the number that are here today a video clip is being turned, it is the harbinger of Night, Funeral, the long-awaited debut of Faces On TV. Much awaited, because the impressive list of Belgian bands Maekelberg the past years worked as a producer and band member (Warhaus, Bazart, Tsar B…) do look forward to what he can offer when he’s all by himself to move.

The pressure is so high, and it is even cold in the workshop of Scarpulla. Nevertheless Maekelberg relax. With no more than a t-shirt and a bathrobe to the body, he does his best to keep them warm and to play with the camera. He is in the seat, torque what on his electric guitar and follows the instructions of the makers.

However, he seems not totally convinced. ‘Playing guitar in a video clip is rather cliché, isn’t it. I still have a book, I think. Allez, here is the Snoecks: is that good enough?’


Maekelberg as stylish as possible in an apple let bite: it is an art in itself.

Two faces

The clip of Dancing After All plays with the duality between an introvert and an extrovert personality, what image is on the hand of a split-screen. However, there is a very thin line between the left and right part of the screen. The whole thing is up for interpretation: we see a clip of someone’s split personality, or turning two the same day simply on a different scenario? The love-hate relationship of Maekelberg with his tegenspeelster, choreographer and dancer Jade Derudder, illustrates this exercise in style perfectly.

The theme does not come out of the blue. Maekelberg got the inspiration for his debut album from the busy but often lonely life on tour with Warhaus, the solo project of Balthazar-frontman Maarten Devoldere. “You live constantly in a bubble. That is hard to grasp, especially if you get home and back with your family and friends hear to. I see that people doodgraag, but still gives me a strange feeling. As if my introvert and extrovert personality constantly with each other in the clinch.”


My introvert and extrovert personality are constantly with each other in the clinch.

Jasper Maekelberg

The creative spark that to Dancing After All would lead, emerged during a night out on tour. ‘During a night out, you teach a girl to know and you will quickly fall in love with. Unfortunately ebt that feeling just as quickly away again. We’ll be dancing after all, but that’s where it stops.” (laughs)

For the production of the clip draws the film duo Flight present. Director Jeroen Mylle and cinematographer Fabrice Parent worked previously together with the post-metal band Oathbreaker and with rapper Brihang. On the set is the duo talkative, passionate and generous with instructions.

Maekelberg as stylish as possible in an apple let bite: it is an art in itself. And also Derudder is by Mylle with the bottom of the camera. “You may call what you want, in slow motion can see no one,” says the director, while he demonstrates how a scheldtirade must be parting. “Thou voze guest! Fuck you!’

The cost of the ijsberende actress clearly powers with words to continue to spew, and also Maekelberg does his best to staring, and its cool to keep it.

In retrospect it looks Maanlanderduo happy back on the shot images. ‘High performance, guests. And especially you, Jasper. It must be difficult to five minutes long uitgekafferd to be without to be able to respond.’ (laughs)

It is a race against the clock in Ghent. The bulk of the work needs to be done before it is dark, and there is still a scene on the roof are planned, for which there is hopefully some people show up. Extras getting somewhere is always difficult, ” says Parent. ‘It was for money: “50 euro? Where and when?”‘

Night Funeral, the debut album of Faces On TV, comes out on april 20

Faces On TV sets the plate on april 20, also in the Ancienne Belgique and on may 11, in Bitterzoet, Amsterdam.

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