On huizensafari in Sint-Martens-Latem: The villaspotter

Frederic Rozier sold its hundredth architectenwoning in Belgium. Under the name ‘ModernisImmo’ does he want from now everywhere in Europe architectural gems to offer. Weekend Knack went on a modernist house-hunting in ‘his’ Sint-Martens-Latem.

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Now we understand why they are in Sint-Martens-Latem such a Range Roverobsessie. Not to brag of with their vehicle. For when it’s raining on the unpaved ministraatjes to be able to drive. Because it is through that discrete hobbelweggetjes that we have the most beautiful modernist pearls discovered in Latem. Our driver through the deepest puddles: Frederic Rozier, architecture and designkenner. Founder of the Ghent-brussels design market. Designexpert in the VTM program are Richer Than You Think, and owner of the galerie Rozier.

However, the main driving force of ArchitectenWoning, an online platform which particular homes are offered. For people who have a unique architectural property search. And for people who are not in the mood to oversupply ugly houses too, looking for that one pearl. “On Immoweb or trap them disappear such buildings in the mass. Or they come by the house do not understand. Although I realize: there are more people who architectenwoning ugly than beautiful.”

Carport and garden gate directly

Rozier traded since the start of ArchitectenWoning in 2012 have been exactly one hundred buildings, but he is not a real estate agency. He is the architectuurexpert. Kristof Welleman, BIV-broker, takes the makelaarsactiviteiten for his account. The website is a platform for architectural buildings. In partnership with local estate agents to find the right buyers. “A quality label for architectural heritage of modernist rijwoninkjes of two hundred thousand euro to detached villas of a few million,” he says. Rozier groups unique residential properties which otherwise would be flooding in the general offer. “It might sound strange, but I want that those properties do not fall into the wrong hands. Of people who there is a carport and a garden gate directly with lions to add. Too many real estate agents know nothing of twentieth-century architecture. They sell original architectenwoningen as ‘land, where a dated house’. So much Belgian heritage will be lost. Or valuable architecture, broken, rebuilt.”


Rozier takes us on huizentocht in Latem. “Here, around the Lys, the concentration of interesting architectenwoningen exceptionally high. From all periods, from art deco to brutalisme and contemporary architecture, are here toprealisaties to find. André Jacqmain to Juliaan Lampens, Eddy François David Chipperfield,” he says. “Belgium must be tailored to architectenwoningen not inferior to the neighbouring countries, although our architects are perhaps less famous. We sit here at the crossroads of Scandinavian, American, Japanese, Italian and French influences. You notice that in the design and in the architecture.”

We drive along the Red Beukendreef in, the kind of street where many an entrepreneur or artistiekeling in the twentieth century a architectenwoning was built. We park our for number 7: the kunstenaarswoning of Jef Wauters, in 1967, designed by architect Joseph Lietaert. Who also designed the houses of artist Octave Landuyt and ceramicist Elisabeth Vandeweghe. “A modernist work of art”, calls This the, “look at that expressive, rough brick, artistic brick. See how pretty that house with nature combination. Inside, there are even original organic lichtputten of rough concrete. A cool concept that fifty years after date and even endures.”

Now or never

ArchitectenWoning sold the house to a doctor from Nazareth. Thanks to social media and a spontaneous art event in the villa, there was suddenly a lot of interest for the house: three couples wanted to eventually buy. Odd, because it was already a half a year in a fruitless on sale at a local broker. And the price was not lower than before. “A local real estate office wanted the property as building land to sell. That is really too crazy for words. Happy is the daughter of Jef Wauters our platform on the track come. So we could make it home quickly to the right audience: people who are in such a strong concept and want to live. Endie are willing to have their comfort to to to adjust. The design firm that is an original betonwoning of Jan Tanghe bought, real no fake isolatieplafonds install. Than the fire they would prefer more in the winter. And the original steel windows of a interbellumwoning replace you yet, not by pvc with triple glazing?”

“Our customers do not buy on location or number of bedrooms. They choose a house because of the architecture. Some want per se in a retro teletijdmachine live, others realize that you are in modern architecture also contemporary living. Most of them even buy a house that is outside their search radius is. Purely because they fall in love with a property. They realize that it is now or never. And that they have the next forty years, perhaps frustrated by the house of their dreams will drive, if not immediately strike.” Rozier may not be a real estate agent, the impulsaankoopretoriek he has indeed in the fingers. It comes to him also, if he is on prospecting is in architectenwoningen. Him of interest to the building and its residents, but also what we have in the basement or at the attic. It is in that kind of houses that Rozier original designer furniture.

Holy grail

Suddenly turn Rozier a slushy street, parallel to the Red Beukendreef. The car shakes back and forth, while the mud at the doors sloshed. Even for a four-wheel drive is the way here, almost too tight. “Do you want the Holy Grail of ArchitectenWoning even see it?” winks. We suspect that he us to Juliaan Lampens’ Villa Van Wassenhove in Deurle. The brutalistische icon that is now on AirBnB, took care single-handedly responsible for the recent hype around radical betonarchitectuur in Belgium.

Villa Van Wassenhove, © Rik Vannevel

But This follows a different route. In the Warandedreef we stop at number 13: an impressive concrete bunkerwoning, signed by Ivan Van Mossevelde. “This house is a work of art, a sculpture to live in. Still more attractive than Lampens, I think. A house of international class, all Of Mosseveldes name might not ronkend. No, I’m here, never been inside. But the architecture is so mysterious that I want to know what is behind the walls. This home was dr. Roger Matthys, an art collector with a world-renowned collection of modern and contemporary art. He and his wife are both deceased, but the house is still in family ownership,” says Rozier.

“If I have a hidden gem see, I’m in the brakes. Also that’s part of it : continuous alert on the road, vastgoedsites a protein skimmer, addresses of captivating homes search the Inventory of Immovable Heritage, in old architecture books browse to achievements, and since a database join build.

And especially: governed proactively letters in the bus of such houses stabbing,” laughs Rozier. “As the original residents still live in this house, then they may not have access to social media. The chance that they ArchitectenWoning know, is small. So we have the old-school way.”

“We love your house”

We set sail for home Muller, an outspoken jarenzeventigvilla of Ivan Van Mossevelde that Rozier recently sold. Hans Muller was in 1977 also in a special way the architect of his dreams. The elderly scientist was in No. 21 Kwakstraat the seventies, mad about the house Matthys in Latem and dropped a note in the bus. “We love your house. Can you tell me, who your architect is,” insisted, in polite letters. Also three other topwoningen in the Ghent edge got such post. Including stamped envelope, so that the residents the answer free could return. Through which discrete road took eventually four architects have been shortlisted.

And in 1977 decided Muller and his wife with Van Mossevelde to work together. “The incredible thing is that the architect is not a design started,” says mr. Muller in the us later, when we ring the doorbell. “Van Mossevelde came our first a week of observing. He wrote our habits, our daily routine, our way of functioning. On this basis, he drew a circular house with an open plan, oriented around a patio. His initial concept, we have nothing need to change. Also later there is never anything grown.”

© Westtoer apb

Along with Rozier and mr. Muller we walk around in the completely authentic property. The architectural promenade is stunning: everywhere there are vistas, to adjacent rooms or to the wild nature around. The used materials are showing their age, but the comfort is unique. “A lot of homes from that time to the ten years once grown, in the then bad taste. As a result, ultimately nothing is still authentic,” says Rozier. “On our platform, we provide homes where the original concept is still maintained. Even though slibde the interior over time, often with stuff.”

It’s the stuff that mr. Muller after forty years in boxes at the samenrapen. On 1 June trades the sold villa for a contemporary apartment. With pain in the heart, but his dream home is a bit too large. When he in February via Facebook offered, it went immediately viral. There was a lot of reaction, of architectuurfans and affluent customers out there million euros for on. “In one weekend it was gone,” says Rozier. “The house is really unique. And everything is still in original condition. Also I would with pleasure come to live. That is the frustrating thing about ArchitectenWoning : I see so much beauty that I would want to move.”

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