On Capitol Hill Democrats Müller hear “bonding effort”, such as climate change protesters become unglued

close tovideo lawmakers grill former Special Counsel Robert Müller on Russia probe

Chris Staszak, Jessica Tarlov, and Jeff Mason to weigh in Robert müller’s ‘performance’ in front of the House Intelligence and judiciary committees.

She came unglued this week on Capitol Hill.

But first, she needed the help of the Washington, DC Fire Department and U.S. Capitol Police.

No. No. We’re not talking about the members of the Congress argue about the testimony of the Special Counsel, Robert Miller.


This is about a cadre of environmental protesters who Super-glue or some other quick-use-drying glue to paste on the doors and walls of underground passageways linking the house office buildings with the Capitol. The protesters folded their hands with one another and then glued in the doorjambs. You also have yellow caution tape draped around her body and pulled the sign, which explains that the tunnels were closed.

That’s right.

The protesters pressed against the walls.

So, if the house, called the votes on Tuesday night, summoning the legislature, to the ground, the protesters were in it. The environmental activists were able to harangue lawmakers about climate change – is forcing the members to twist their body around you, on the way to the Capitol.

The legislature had to hear. This is because the Capitol Police could not pry off all of the walls and doors and arrest them for disturbance of the peace. So, the protesters have a captive audience with the legislator had, although some of them navigated the glue crew.

You talk about the guerrilla tactics.

Or should that be Gorilla glue tactic?

After rescue workers freed all, the Capitol police arrested 17 people, and charging them with displacement and disability. The police charged, and a further 15 with resisting arrest. Despite the questions, not tell the protesters yet, the substance you used to hold your hands up to the doors.

It is often said that the people in Washington don’t want to sometimes, “leave your fingerprints” on things. There are backdoor efforts to kill legislation. Not attached to citations appear in the Newspapers. Tidbits of political information disseminated, without the trail of bread crumbs. All of the “no fingerprints”).

But these demonstrators, in fact, left their fingerprints.

The next day, the glue-ey outlines of palm-prints, remained embossing on several doors in the basement of the Rayburn House Office Building.

The protesters made a lasting impression.


House Democrats, long a imprint on the nation and wanted to make, the political psyche, what they see as the misdeeds and corruption of President Trump. She believed that the report published in the spring of of Special Counsel, Robert Müller would help you with your case. But we live in a visual society. A world, where captured and distilled the most complex issues – and sometimes diluted in memes, sound bytes, and emojis.

Democrats thought a public appearance of Müller would help life to breathe in her pursuit. You animate the words on the page – much the same way, actors, Directors, and lighting technicians to turn the words of a screenplay into a summer blockbuster.

The McCarthy hearings of the 1950s were the first time TV really congressional hearings caught. It is estimated that 60 million people White House Counsel John Dean saw witness during Watergate. Fifty-five million people watched the Iran-Contra hearings in 1987. More than 20 million people tuned in to view last autumn, hears with now Supreme Court, judge Brett Kavanaugh and his Prosecutor, Christine Blasey-Ford. Almost 16 million people saw the former President of Trump confidant Michael Cohen of witnesses before a house panel in February. Almost 20 million people were on a TV screen to see, the former FBI Director, James Comey, testify in 2017. Twenty million people saw the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings of now Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and professor Anita Hill.

By comparison, this year’s Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams an audience of 98.2 million people grabbed. At last year’s World Series between the Boston Red Sox and the Los Angeles Dodgers, 14.1 million viewers on offer.


So Democrats knew that they had a chance to make an impact with Robert Müller.

The numbers are now hearing for the Miller’s. Despite the hype, the Miller spectacle, only 13 million Euro. Many Democrats admit that Müller was the performance out of date and sluggish.

“Some have argued, to bear witness to that, because Müller hesitated, and seemed older than many people forget is that his work is somehow reduced,” said House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-NY “is not It.”

Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., both the judiciary and intelligence committees, which heard two lectures of Muller. The California Democrat, dismissed Müller’s lack of momentum.

“If you show up, expect a Broadway show, I’m sure, you may be disappointed,” said Swalwell.

The house voted to block last week, an attempt by Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, to debate the indictment. But the Greens hope that Müller inspire would the testimony “” his colleagues in support of the impeachment of the President.


“Some people were with the hope of a triggering moment. A ” wow ” moment. It didn’t happen,” admitted Green.

But he added: “the mood will change when we will start prosecution.”

A Congressional source compared to Green strategy, in order to pass the old mantra about passing Obamacare: Congress had before it, and the people might know what is inside.

Congress-Democrats hope to revive the printed words of Mueller on Wednesday. Who in Hollywood will tell you, how critical is the performance of a big star can make or break a Film. You “carry the show.” Democrats have broken up can be critical of the information and the context of Müller during the hearings. But Müller is not lackluster testimony was a game changer.

Still, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is portrayed the day as “historic. Draw the events as “the crossing of the threshold.”

Pelosi beamed as she walked into a press conference with Nadler and the other to the Miller hearings Wednesday night closed. But some argued was actually smiling inside more and more. Some believed that the negotiation went so poorly for the Democrats, the indictment was now off the table. A source of Pelosi, the winner was proposed, actually, than you would not have to keep track of, a divisive issue such as the charges now. Pelosi said as much to Nadler and the other liberals, the charge that behind closed doors just moments before the advocate.


But the problem with the Democrats is, it’s a “wow” moment, as Green said. You need something that will “stick” to President Trump. Something that “leaves an impression.” Something that stands out.

The environmentalists glued to the walls of a lasting impression. Their demonstration was bold. Their sticky hand prints were prominent on the Congressional doors and walls, or on the next day.

The message of the climate change demonstrators may have remained in the legislature more than the testimony of Robert Mueller.

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